Has anyone on here tried to combine a single plane technique with Tathata principles?

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  • Has anyone on here tried to combine a single plane technique with Tathata principles?
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    I just started Tathata after spending a year improving with a single plane swing.I’m wondering if the 2 ideas can mesh.


    Hey Michael! Thanks for reaching out! We are excited to have you start your Tathata journey with us and look forward to hearing your progress through the program. As it relates to your question about swing plane, yes, the “2 ideas mesh” wonderfully. You will see as you dive into the program that Tathata Training is designed to simply shed light on how the greatest golfers, athletes, and martial artists in history have always moved strength and energy. There are many 1 plane and 2 plane swingers of the golf club displayed throughout this program. As it relates to swing plane, in Tathata Training there would never be a discussion about your swing being “on” or “off” plane. The club is either leveraged with strength to YOUR BODY or it’s not. As it relates to Tathata Training and as you continue to train, you will come to learn how your swing plane is yours and always will match up to your body. You will train to see leverage and strength and not be frought with “positions” or “mechanics.” While it is true that mechanics are truthful and have value, there is a way out of mechanics and positions and simply know you are trained to look out in front with an expectation of something new and exciting in the moments ahead.


    Hi. I’m on Day 36. I will say that when I’m hitting balls and thinking of keeping the swing on plane I use the visual of Tiger Woods being on plane in the in 2000 era. When I do this, I’m hitting some really good shots. I’m very visual and analytic, so this helps me. HOWEVER, I absolutely do this using pressure and making sure I’m surfing the knees and keeping my glutes going back. Visualizing the swing plane helps me “feel safe” on the down swing when I’m kicking the club head out as I get my arms in front of me and push back into the glutes.


    Thank you for the responses.I do have a concern about arm hang.We have barely mentioned arms yet,but there was a comment about arms hanging straight down.In my single plane set up,my arms are extended with the butt of my club pointing through the center of my torso.Is this going to create problems for me when we get to arms?


    Michael, thanks for reaching out and thanks to all in the Tathata community for actively communicating with each other in this thread. As it relates to the hands and arms at setup, we want to simply make sure that the hands and arms are hanging directly underneath both shoulders, beneath the pecs, both arms slightly bent. It is okay if the “butt” of the club is pointing to the center of the torso. In the Tathata setup, as it relates to building force and leverage, we would only slightly forward lean the shaft at setup while “hovering” the club head (this may change based on shot shape, distance and trajectory). It’s not that we need to hover the club in the air per say, but we must make sure the club is not just dead weight on the ground, or to your point, having the arms just hang. Have fun practicing hovering the club ever so slightly on the grass blades, this will help keep the body building pressure correctly throughout your motion! Thanks for reaching out!

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