Help I have the shanks

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  • Help I have the shanks
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    I’m on day 37 and all of a sudden, I have a case of the shanks. It seems like I am doing everything correct


    Hi Ken,

    Without seeing your swing to really know for sure what’s going on, here is a video from Alex responding to a student who was also experiencing some shots off of the hosel.

    Surfing with Strength

    Let us know if this helps or if you have any further questions after watching it.

    Thank you,



    One thing I have to watch for in my own swing that can cause the shanks is taking the club too much to the inside, instead of loading it with strength as taught in the 60-day program. I bet you get this sorted out very quickly. Sense greatness and know that you are trained!


    After 20 days, I too have the shanks and am topping which I have never done. I watched the response about surfing the knees, and having just hit 90 balls, I shanked or topped about 80%. I have been a single digit, for decades, got the shanks, and hoped this course would rid me of this evil. Took many lessons, live and online and none helped.after being confident going through the body and hand and arms drills, I was convinced, that would solve the problem. Now I feel I’m at square one with no fix. Any insight would be helpful. BTW, the shanks have appeared on short pitches, half shots, and attempts at full swings. Something is out of sequence and I can’t find it.



    Gary – Can you shoot a video (down the line and face on) and post it? You and post it to YouTube and then paste the link into this thread.


    Gary – By the way, my condolences for your driving-range sesson! I’ve been there too and having that experience with 90 balls is enough to send any sound-minded person to therapy. I hope you didn’t lose too many clubs or injure the first person who spoke to you. lol


    Hi Gary, I hope you’re getting past the shanks. If not, here’s a thought. You sound like a good player, and possibly someone with a lot of technical knowledge. That always seems like a strength but the downside of trying hard to apply that knowledge during the swing to correct a fault is it’s likely to lead to the golfer “stopping time”. I was at first a little sceptical of the mental element of Tathata training but being a diligent student I went with it anyway. Even though I occasionally “drifted away” and thought about other things the mental training eventually caught up with me and I have become a believer! I also struggled with the shanks for a while and eventually realised that all my “in swing analysis” amounted to me stopping time. When I cleared my mind and just started to think out in front from set up to where I wanted to be at the eyeline having increased in pressure from 2 to 9 everything seemed to click into place. Where thought is concerned, less is best. Good luck and may the force (pressure) be with you. (I hope that’s not a copyright infringement!)

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