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  • Help with mental training
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    I’m on day 51. I have a terrible time with imagination. When I ‘m told to imagine giving a gift 3 days from now I’m fine. But when I’m told that I need to take that three days farther out I’m lost. Maybe someone can use different words to describe it so I can feel more comfortable with it. I think I kind of get it but I sure wouldn’t be able to explain it to someone.


    Hi Norman – I may be a little like you in that some of the concepts were/are a little beyond where I’m at. Yet, I have seen benefit from being open to it and stretching my boundaries a bit.


    Norman, I think Bryan is talking about that level of anticipation or building excitement. I too found that feeling a little bit hard to locate. The one I more readily identified with was imagining my greatest good 10 years out. Funny thing was that golf didn’t even matter when I thought like that. Helps put this silly, fantastic, frustrating game into perspective 😉


    Les and David,

    Thanks for reaching out. I’m certainly open to the mental part of the program. I really believe in it. Just like in some of the physical movements that I had problems with I asked for and received feedback that helped me through. So let’s take the 10 years out. Does that mean I’m suppose to imagine myself being excited about reaching and surpassing my goals in all areas of my life?


    Norman, the way I am interpreting that is if we are focused on our highest good 10+ years away, then any bumps I hit along the way do not take me off that goal. A bad shot, a bad round, even an increase in HC do not deter me from looking way down the road. Add to that a level of excitement around the fact that my best shot, best round, lowest ‘cap could be just around the corner. It helps make the daily ups and downs just noise as I continue towards my highest self.


    Les – That’s good!



    Thanks. Even I can understand that.?

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