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    I completed Chapter 3 several months ago and discontinued my training. I couldn’t process the “pressure” concept into my swing. All my previous swing training and thoughts centered on a relaxed, tension free motion believing tension slowed the swing speed and added too much effort.The pressure concept seem to introduce tension into the motion for me. Can you reconcile my conflict? I am willing now to resume my training if I can get pass this. Thanks.


    Hi Rick,

    Thank you for reaching out, we are excited that you are coming back to your training. This is an incredible question and many others will benefit from you asking what exactly is the difference between pressure and tension. We have filmed a video response to your question, to view the video please click on the link below:

    Student Q & A – Pressure vs. Tension

    Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you and we look forward to you returning to your training!


    Allow me to share my own experience as a 13 handicapper trying to break into single digits. I could always hit the ball far but struggled with control especially when i want to hit it hard. I got the same advise from instructors and friends to try and loosen up because i seemed too “tense”. Guess what? when i “loosened up” i hit extremely bad slices. I don’t believe anyone is able to hit a golf ball without any pressure. The real question is WHEN. From the pressure routines I realize i have been applying pressure too early in the swing and this is maybe the problem with too many amateurs who grip the club too tightly. By the back swing most golfers would probably be at a 7 going into a 9 even before they hit the ball and trying to carry that pressure through. Most amateurs also tend to only pressurize the hands and the arms without pressurizing the armpits, ribs and legs. So my biggest takeaway (so far, im only on day 24) is that I only get to 8 after impact and how to pressurize the WHOLE BODY so each swing gets more and more powerful, yet consistent.


    Oh geez, the magic hasn’t happened yet. I had just finished Day 23, just a “whisper” of discussion on pressure. 😉 I’ve posted earlier in the course about my eagerness to see results and I’ve indicated that I will have patience but this past Sunday’s round was my worst scoring round in the past year. Actually, almost all of the rounds I’ve had since I started this course have all fallen to the bottom of my last 20 differential rounds. So yeah I was very, very frustrated walking off the course. The first round after being introduced to the concept of “Pressure” and I’ll be damned if I couldn’t hit the ball at all – topping it and hitting it fat.

    My son reminded me though to stay on the path and have faith that this is the right way to learn so I’m doing that. I never considered dropping the course actually as I find it energizing and enlightening and I believe it’s the right way to go. So I will have faith and stay with it, knowing the results are “just out front”.

    If (and when) I turn the corner and get to see some consistently good results then I swear you all will be the first to know.

    The Battered and Bruised 63 year old, 26 handicap.


    Hey Geoff. I feel your pain. I just completed Day 20. I’m 64 and trying to overcome 50 years of bad habits. I’m committed to the physical and mental aspects of the training and to learning how to move my body correctly in the golf swing. It’s hard. My recent range work has shown flashes of solid ball striking but my results on the course have been a disaster. My handicap is heading from 13 toward 20, but I made commitment to this training and intend to see it through to the end.

    Good luck. Don’t get discouraged and stay the course?

    Best Regards,


    Thanks Rick – I appreciate the sympathy and perspective. I decided to take a sabbatical and let my teachings catch up with me… at least that’s the way I’m looking at it. I’ll kick back into the training when the calling gets stronger.



    Hello Team Tathata! Thanks for the commentary on this thread, we are excited for what is coming for you all in the coming months but for now it’s important to reiterate the great Jack Nicklaus’s words. “All I want to do is get the energy right.” Mr. Nicklaus has said his entire career that getting the energy right and setting the leverage correctly at setup played a far more pivotal role in his greatness than his “golf swing.” We would encourage you to dive back into chapter 1 and go through the stretching and body movements routine again and again. As we start to understand pressure we would also encourage you to think about the concept of pressure in other sports. Let’s not attach pressure to a number scale but instead think about it in terms of building energy to strike. Also, are we stretching at least once per day? Are we practicing getting the energy right on the golf course or are we worried about our mechanics when we play? We would encourage you to stick with the training Geoff, focus on the mechanics of the movements when you’re training, and focus on getting the energy right when you hit balls and PLAY golf. We are sensitive to your frustrations but stick with it, great outcomes are in store for you all!

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