Hosel/Heel hits

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  • Hosel/Heel hits
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    Hi! Even though I am only on lesson 14, I feel the program has answered lots of questions and that although early days, there is a movement I can go back to and to which I can relate! my swing has definitely improved, as has my confidence. I am looking forward to learning/practicing more!!
    Still, the last couple of times I was out at the range trying to put some of this to practice, I hit lots of hosel shank shots, and that if not hitting the hosel, the hits clearly moved closer to the heel. I wonder if as I am setting up with a more relaxed and sure stance my arms are more flexed at address than I was used to, I am standing closer to the ball than I used to (I used to address pretty tense stretched arms) and/or as I focus on extending my arms at backswing and building the “punch”, I come down with more stretched out arms ahead of the ball? Or maybe I am not pushing back enough when surfing? Also, I was told by a fitter once that my clubs are half an inch too long and I need a flatter lie, but I did not feel I had problems, so I never changed it. Maybe I had adjusted to the wrong clubs and a “more correct” swing makes me hit the hosel/closer to heel?
    These are wild guesses! I feel I am at a good position in my downswing at level though, feel my arms are coming down in good position too from the baseball throw perspective.
    I started to address the ball right at the toe and got way better hits…
    Any insights appreciated!!


    Hey Danilo! Thanks for reaching out and great work with your training so far! Our suggestions would be to make sure your equipment does in fact fit you properly, the last thing you want is to compensate for your equipment not fitting you correctly! As it relates to your training make sure to really spend time with the finite details inside Chapter 1. Make sure to really dive into the details of each movement inside the first chapter. As you train these movements and start to add pressure to these movements the hands and arms will react accordingly and move correctly. Go back to making sure your setup is absolutely correct for all shots and trajectories. As you continue to train, these movements will continue to seamlessly blend into your game! Great work so far!

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