How to do program?

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  • How to do program?
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    hallo everybody, i’ve finished now my day 6 (first on stretching).
    how this program works? i do not need to do any movement from days 1-5 now?
    only progression in stretching?


    The movements will return and subsequent days will build more on the early movements. I’m on day 21 and have learned a lot and continue to see improvement. This is certainly a program that delivers results in direct proportion to the effort and precision put into it. Best luck!


    Hello Bryan,I’m on day 3 and I feel I don’t have some some movements down pat. Should I keep moving forward or stay were I am until I’m confident of the moves?


    Hi Tom – I’m sure Bryan will reply but I wanted to share my own personal experience. I’m not sure if Bryan says this in the early days of the video series or not but around day 27 he does recommend moving ahead even if one doesn’t have everything down perfectly. I feel this helps from a physiological standpoint as well because it can take many days just to feel like one has truly mastered a few movements. With that said, I’m also a fan of not speeding through and going back to review.

    This program is packed full of detail, more so than anything I’ve ever experienced. Videoing movements you’re not sure about from down-the-line and face-on angles may also help you use the assessment tool for effectively. I’d also recommend finding a movement specialist or using Tathata’s online program if you’re interested in accelerating your progress. I haven’t done this yet but I know someone who has and their progress is amazing! Once I get into a better financial situation I would love to take advantage of the chapter follow-ups or on-line lessons.

    One thing I think you will find is that many (but maybe not all) of your questions will be answered as you progress through the program.


    David, thank you for the great response and thoughts here.

    Tom, feel free to move forward in the program. These movements will continue to get revisited as you move forward. You will get tested on them to offer more detail on day 6 and see the movements of the greatest golfers and athletes that compliment these movements in day 8 which will provide further learning and understanding. We encourage your sensitivity to getting the movements as correct as you can but this should happen as you continue moving through the program.


    I live in Colorado and have not played since November, and am on day 7 of the program. Our driving range and course just opened and i’m anxious to play but not sure how to incorporate & apply what i’m learning since we haven’t gotten to swinging a club yet. Any advice?


    I have the same question as Spencer. Should I go to the driving range? How should I use my time at the driving range? What should I be thinking about and what should my expectations be when I get out on the course?

    I am keen to improve but at the proper pace and I don’t think I can wait another 57 days before I golf again.

    What’s the best way to go about this as I am planning on going to the range and out on the course over the next week?

    Thanks guys. And yeah, I’m loving this so far and find myself giggling to myself.



    Hi Spencer and Geoff,

    Welcome to the Tathata Golf family! This is a great question, which we receive often from students. Bryan answered this question recently on the forum, which we you may also view by clicking the link below! Enjoy.

    Student Q & A – Can I Play During the 60-Day Program


    Why I could not go to day 2


    Mimmi – Did you complete the quiz? Once you pass the quiz with 100% you are allowed to proceed to the next day.

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