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  • I need clarification
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    After going through the drills of Moving Energy and Club Through Impact, knowing that the body moves the club through impact, are the arms supposed to stop by the back leg or is this a timing issue? I played today for the first time since starting this training and there was some minimal improvement but my old habits showed up. Not where I want to be but I know this a process. I noticed my arms were out racing my body and struggled to put all movements together.


    Jesse, I struggle with that at times, too. I find that the pressure movements help address this in Chapter 3. We want to have the arms back on the body with the baseball throw movement and then the body moves the club through impact. I want to feel less pressure at the end of the baseball throw – around a pressure 6 than I do when I am beyond impact – around a 7 or even 8. Too much pressure too early, especially in the arms and hands, means I am swinging more with my arms than with my whole body. If I am a little more deliberate and slower through transition and down into impact then try to be more pressurized post impact I find better results.

    Good luck and keep up the hard work.


    Thanks Les! I struggle with keeping pressure through the entire swing. I notice pressure taking the club back but I tend to relax on the downswing and that causes my left arm to lose its straightness. I understand that keeping pressure through the entire swing will keep me in a strong position to make contact but this is all new too me.


    After hitting some balls in the backyard I think I know what my problem is. I would always lead with my left hip and my arms would lag behind causing my arms to try and catch up. After practicing the baseball throw I found that this really helps to have everything move in unison. Didn’t hit them that well as I still have trouble keeping my left arm straight but there was improvement. When I played this past weekend I would always hit the ground first when teeing off with my driver and I believe this was the problem also.


    for movement 10, thrust through impact, should i be simultaneously raising the ribs and pushing back pelvis as I am completing the motion?



    Hi Robert,

    You will begin the movement thrust through impact from an already pushed back position so it isn’t necessary to push back any more than that, you will however feel the pelvis rotation while feeling the glutes and thighs squeeze together to the completion of the movement. The thighs and glutes feeling a sense of squeezing together will aide in thrusting the pelvis and ribs up to the finish position. We recommend using the stretching routine as needed to support the creation of these feelings to the finish of the golf swing.


    Hi Robert – Below is a link to a video that may provide additional clarity. Hope you’re enjoying the program!

    Student Q & A: Understanding How the Legs and Glutes Work Back


    thank you david, very helpful. i played my first round yesterday after being through day 5 of training. i had the best front 9 of my life, shooting a 42. usually i shoot in the upper 40’s, with final scores in the mid to upper 90’s/100. i regressed on the back 9 but i noticed my muscles were very fatigued, almost trembling, particularly my legs. i think it is due to incorporating all the new movements and using muscles i dont usually use! what do you think? i imagine that with more training i will be ready to have the endurance to perform the full 18.

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