I need some encouragement

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  • I need some encouragement
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    I’m around day 25 of the program. I’ve applied the techniques as much as I possibly can and I’ve done extra work with body movements,arms and pressure. Going out to the range occasionally. I just find that my swing feels different..I tend to shank the ball. I’m having a hard time getting a good left arm punch with pressure. The surf movement through and out of impact doesn’t seem to happen for me easily at all even though I can do the motions great without a club. I realize it takes more practice. But I do want to hear from anyone who may have suffered similar practice sessions that It can and will get better with continued effort.

    Thank you.



    I have found that by going back to review the beginning lessons really helps. I am learning things that I didn’t learn initially and hearing things that I wasn’t open to before or just forgot. And also…..I am ok on the range but have not been able to take it to the course with consistent success yet. I am excited about playing tomorrow after reviewing the 1st 13 lessons again. I think this is an amazing course!!!!

    Good luck….keep at it…Linda


    Hi Michael – You might consider submitting a video to Team Tathata to get their input. There a many things that could cause a shank. If you want to post a video here I’m sure several folks would be willing to provide feedback as a second option.


    thank you both very much!!- I will see about submitting a swing video and see what people may think


    I’ve just completed day 35 of the program and I’m finding hard to get some consistency, I played 10 holes today and shanked a lot of my irons which also happened at the driving range during previous visits throughout the program, when I hit it it’s great but the inconsistency is a real problem, we have just come off winter mats and are back on grass and it’s worse still.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


    Pete I definitely understand. I had another tough range session today. I think the biggest problem I have is that I’m simply not completing the movements properly during my swing even though I’ve been progressing through the program I thought fairly well. I have way too many swing thoughts even though I try to clear my mind of it. It’s just hard not to think of how my arms should be pushing out, the pressure levels that I should be at etc. when completing my swing properly. It’s just very hard for me to put those aside when Im swinging. I know ultimately my goal is to not think about any mechanics at all but during the learning phase it’s hard. Then when you don’t get any positive feedback from a good shot it becomes more disconcerting and discouraging. Having said all of that I am still optimistic that I can do this because at the end of the day I’m simply trying to build a consistent swing that I can go to over and over again rather than these random tips that don’t ever get anywhere. That’s why I am sold on the program but admittedly range days like today get me down a bit


    Hi Michael and Pete, thank you for your comments and questions on this forum topic and on the topic named Inconsistency. We have responded to both of you on the Inconsistency topic, which you may click the link below to access.


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