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    I am a 15 and have been struggling for the past five years or so with my game. Inability to hit the ball in the center of the clubface has led to inconsistency and lack of distance. Just finished day 20 on Friday and shot 80 on Saturday. My last three rounds have been 84-87-80. I am hitting the ball further and more consistently as I incorporate the body and hand motion into my swing. The mental training helped me to finish off my most recent round on a high level as many times in the past a good front nine would be followed by a bad back nine.

    I had doubts in the beginning that online lessons could work without an instructor watching what you were doing. I am now a believer and look forward to Days 21-60.


    Hi Robert,

    We are smiling, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the training and how it has helped you. We’re glad to hear that not only has the movement portions of the program has helped, but also that you have applied some the mental training principles on the golf course and have seen improvement there as well.

    Thank you for being a part of the Tathata family! Please let us know if you have any questions. The forum is a great place to reach out, as well as emailing us at support@tathatagolf.com.

    We love hearing and receiving feedback from Tathata students, keep us updated on your progress through the remaining chapters. We look forward to what’s ahead for you and the outcomes you are creating in your game.

    If you have seen a recent social media post and email out to all Tathata students within the last 2 weeks, you may know that we are featuring Tathata students in our upcoming commercials this fall/winter sharing their experience with Tathata Golf and how the 60-Day Program has helped them. If you would like to participate, I have included the details below on how to film and share your story with us. It would be great to share your story with the golf community and see you on TV.

    – Film a 10-15 second “selfie video” (15 seconds maximum length)
    – Hold and film yourself from your smart phone or tablet
    – Please only show your face and upper body in the video
    – Include what you love about the 60-Day Program
    – Include any success/improvements you have had after beginning the program
    – Click on the link below to upload your video

    Upload your video to the webpage (link) below:

    Testimonial Video Submittal

    Thank you Robert, let know if you have any questions. Thank you again for sharing!

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