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    I am a mid handicapper with virtually no training. Self taught from trial error and youtube searches LOL… I saw this on youtube and it caught my eye. I debated over it a few days because spending money on lessons is not my thing. Also my daughter is 14 and just started full time golfing a couple months ago and I want her to have the best shot she can. She is already breaking 100 and just started in her golf career.

    Anyway, I did the Day 1 video the first night and the discussion and teaching was not anything that I had ever heard and was definitely not anything that I was doing in my stance or movements. It felt weird BUT I could immediately feel the connection to the ground and drawing from that connection a feeling of stability and strength. I went to the driving range the next evening not to “test” the stance and movement but to more see if I could put it into practice. WOW… the results were amazing. I was hitting the ball more consistent and with less effort than I have in a long time and not only that, I added 15-20 yards of distance. Note, I did not purchase this lesson series to gain distance because I hit it a long ways anyway. I purchased it to find a consistent swing… If this is what I get from day 1… I am like a kid on Christmas eve wanting to get through the rest of them.


    Congratulations!! I’ve been using the program for over 1 year now and am still learning. I mostly use it for my kids b/c I’m not able to play yet (I had injury before purchasing the program). No progress is ever a straight line up but this program certainly quickens the progress!


    Hi Jeffery,

    Thank you for sharing this with us! It’s always exciting for us to see how fundamentals such as stance and feeling strong at setup causes immediate and drastic improvement! Thank you for being open and willing to trying something new. We don’t identify with being a quick tip or fast fix, but we do often hear and see incredible improvement from students in the first few days of the program just by setting up the foundation correctly, more athletically and strong.

    Congrats, continue to build off of this new found strength and energy by sensing the moments ahead being better than they have ever been. You have answered a question for yourself about your stance that many golfers still search for. Enjoy.


    UPDATE for game play: Played my normal Friday afternoon with my boss, who is doing the Sean Foley dvd training, and for the first time in a long while I dominated him. I felt more confident over every shot with the understanding of the stance and movements from the 1st 2 days of Tathata instruction. We got through 14 holes before we lost the sun and I was 6 over with 2 birdies and a ugly triple bogey on #2 (blocked a driver left OB twice).

    UPDATE 1 for my daughter: The skeptic regarding this video training she was not overly engaged in the 1st video and slightly more interested in the 2nd video. But she was interested in taking it to the driving range and seeing if it helped her inconsistent ball striking with her irons. She was pleasantly surprised. I would say she hit her iron pure more times than not and the ball flight was way more piercing and straight. After she hit a bucket she turned and said, when do we watch video 3? LOL… She has a practice round today for her HS team (she is a freshman on the varsity golf team and prior to last month had zero competitive golf experience) and she is excited to get out there and work the stance and movement around the course.


    Thank you for the update Jeffery! It makes us smile not only hearing about the success you and your daughter are having with the training but also knowing the program is something that both of you can enjoy together!

    We look forward to seeing what’s ahead for you both as you move through the remaining 58 days of the program!

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