Issues overcoming old bad habits with new movements

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  • Issues overcoming old bad habits with new movements
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    I’m on day 15 and I’m having major issues overcoming dropping my right should under creating plenty of spine tilt coming into impact versus snapping to level and surfing my knees . I conceptually understand both movements of snapping to level and surfing the knees but once I get out to the golf course or range I am back to my deeply ingrained habit of spinning my shoulders from top!! I hit plenty of fat shots very difficult to hit short irons or wedges on a medium to low trajectory. My driver is pull left or block fade .. trying my best to stay patient with the day to day training but I’m feeling as maybe I need more reps of certain movements in the routine to reverse some of my old patterns versus just the standard two sets of 10 reps. What do I do tathata staff ??!!


    I think things will get better for you as you get more reps in plus the Pressure and Speed and Strength chapters will help with keeping your shoulders more level. Right now work more on the baseball throw and then surf the knees. Coordinating the knees with the body rotation and having the arms locked on the body do a good job of keeping the shoulders from dropping.

    Keep up the good work.


    Hi Shane,

    I’ve been thinking about your question and finally got around to searching out a video that might help. Let me know if this gets close to what you’re looking for. If it doesn’t, I would be happy to search a little more.

    Student Q & A: Steepness of shaft angle on downswing

    Best luck!

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