Just finished day 42

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  • Just finished day 42
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    After day 42 it appears you are teaching a completely different swing for the short game. Never learned golf that way so I am totally confused.


    Hi David,

    Thank you for reaching out. This will come together as you watch day 48, The Greatest Players – Short Game video. You also may want to become familiar with the deeper discussion on “wedge bounce” and take a look at the bounce on both the heel and toe of your lob or sand wedge. The setup and movements delivered in Chapter 5 are based on how Seve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods (in the year 2000), and other greats moved around the green. For a look at a current player that hits these shots similarly with massive width, very little if any wrist hinge and incredible body movement, would be Jason Day. One of the key factors of setting up and hitting these shots in the way the greats always have is having their “Wedge Grind.” You may be doing the movements perfectly but without the proper wedge bounce and grind it will not all come together. This is why here at the Tathata Golf Training Facility in Scottsdale when a student train with us at a Graduate School or for a Chapter 5 or 6 Follow-up, we typically take a look at their wedges. If needed, we have an equipment specialist in house that will make the proper grind to someone’s wedges to supplement their training and movements to hitting world-class flop and bunker shots.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

    Thank you David.

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