Just finished day 6 and enjoying program with an open mind.

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  • Just finished day 6 and enjoying program with an open mind.
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    Have not swung a club since beginning program and was wondering when it is an appropriate time to do so. Thank you


    Hi Allan,

    This is a great question and one we receive quite often. You may swing a club at any point during your training. There are students who choose to learn and train throughout all 60 lessons without touching a club, while other students continue their normal golfing schedule and continue to play while going through the program. We encourage students to play around with this a bit and test out which path works best for them specifically. No way is more right or wrong than the other, the path you choose will be perfect.

    If you do choose to swing a club throughout your training, you may see the most improvement when getting to and through Chapter 3. Chapter 3 introduces you to the pressure section of the training which is the glue that brings together the fundamentals taught in Chapters 1 & 2.

    Thanks Allan.



    I am through lesson 27 and can give you my point of view from this experience. In the beginning I would hit a small bucket at the range once a week, working on the movements and trying to ascertain if anything in my swing had changed and if so, in what way. I admit it was a struggle in the beginning. A little frustrating to be honest. But in hindsight, it should not have been frustrating. I was focusing on the RESULT and not the PROCESS.

    The benefits, for me, of practicing periodically was in determining if I was doing the movements correctly with a club and at full speed. While I firmly believed I had the movements during the video lessons, this did not translate to the club and especially the club at full speed. The Tathata movements are radically different than my prior swing mechanics so perhaps that is the reason. So firstly, I would say it is fine to practice but never be disappointed. Don’t focus on the results, focus on the process.

    From my practice, I knew I was not quite getting the movements, so I reviewed the video lessons where Tathata goes into the movements in great detail. I can confirm that after lesson 25, the movements suddenly “clicked” and I now can produce the desired result. Prior to this, I would not have been able to play at an actual course as most of my shots would have landed OB. Now they are straighter than ever before.

    Enjoy the process!


    Thank you staff and David for your response. I guess the reason I have not gone to the range is that I knew it wouldn’t translate immediately and I would get frustrated. I am a driving range fanatic and have beaten many a ball in my days believing I could figure the game out. So it has been hard not going. I have started day 21 pressurizing your swing and must admit this is an entirely different concept that I’ve even heard before in golf. The constant building of pressure throughout your swing does make sense and I immediately thought of the elusive”timing or tempo” I’ve always searched for in my golf swing. I am open to understanding this concept and hope I can incorporate into my swing.

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