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  • Just on day 14
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    Enjoying the training. Play to around 12 but always believed could easily play to me 6, just consistency of strike. I have alway struggled with a cup in the writ at impact. Find with the current trading in I am putting in a push slice with the longer clubs? Anyone sle find that?


    Hi James,

    Thank you for reaching out on the forum and asking this question about having a cupped wrist at impact. Others who read this topic will also benefit from you asking this question, so thank you.

    Please click the link below to view a video response to your question from Bryan, the founder of Tathata Golf. Enjoy!

    Student Q & A: “Cupped” Wrist at Impact


    I have hit 120 balls over three sessions of 40 balls each upon completion of Day 14 using the techniques found in the training videos. The first session was awful and I hit only 2 balls well. The rest were all over the place. The second session was better; I may have hit 8 balls well with the rest here, there, and everywhere. The third session was the best so far with about 16 balls hit at target. My best results were with the last 20 balls which I hit a little differently. I did pretty much what Brian recommended except that I pretended that I was throwing a softball underhanded at a target about 6 – 8 inches in front of the ball. When I did that, I got incredibly straight and powerful shots. I’m talking 3 to 4 real good shots in a row right at the flag stick.
    Here is what makes this change interesting: I’m not a bad ball striker using the Phil Mickelson release – where Phil swings the butt end of the handle at the target. Seriously, I get about 50 really good balls out of 100 that way, but when I’m hitting my best iron shots Phil’s way, I’m not aiming at the ball. I’m aiming at a spot on the ground which is 5″ to 8″ on the outside of the target line & in front of the ball. Strange, eh?
    This unorthodox phenomenon doesn’t stop there. I hit my best chip shots when I aim 5″ to 6″ in front of the ball & I hit my best putts when I’m looking 6″ and 4′ in front of the ball. Anybody else out there doing that? Don’t be shy; I know I’m not the only one. I want someone to respond because I’d like to know why this seems to work so well.


    Hi Chester,

    Awesome to hear about your experience with the training and how you are making it your own. This is important to staying authentic to who you are and the greatness that is already inside of you!

    Thank you for sharing Chester.

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