lateral hip soreness in surfing

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  • lateral hip soreness in surfing
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    Hi all, on day 43 just wondering if I am not alone experiencing soreness in side of left hip but only when I go into the deep surf motion. I feel like I must have stretched these ligaments or muscles since about chapter 2. I take aleve to help the symptoms but seems slow to heal. I got out to play in our 60 degree weather over the weekend and hit the ball solid and long off the driver which was great. I must be doing something right now because I’ve played golf for 40 years and never activated these surfing muscles before until Tathata. Have any of you had this soreness but only at the end of the surfing motion?


    I also had the soreness in the outside of my hips. It has gone away as these muscles have strengthen. At the time of soreness, I assumed it was because I was doing a different move. Instead of twisting and torqueing through the ball we are now coming into the ball with a different (safer) motion.

    The 20 year chronic pain in my lower back has mostly gone away.

    I assume you love Tathata Golf as much as I do?

    Sometimes I feel like I am cheating !!!


    Me too boys, however I thought I was just getting old. I got the lovely wife to give the top of my left but cheek a rub but had to stop her…too painful….that was 4 days ago and its only just now recovering. It happened mid round and I had to limp home like a wounded dog. Hard to tell if I’m doing it right but I am feeling pain in different places I must say.


    Like Fred. I have had chronic back pain for forty years. Tried everything to play with less pain. I started doing the stretching routine on a daily basis and find my back feels 100 percent better. Not cured but the best I’ve felt in years. I can hit over a hundred balls at the range and have no pain. Never happened before. I hope it’s the stretching that’s helping.


    My experience with left hip pain comes from sticking my hip out too far and then bending to the crescent pose. Also possibly from straightening the left leg.


    Hi Jesse – Would you mind posting a video? Maybe some folks could evaluate and offer suggestions.


    Hi David- I’ve dealt with this before starting Tathata and experienced it last time I played. It’s an old habit that will be fixed as I ingrain the Tathata training into my swing. I just finished my 30th day and I am pumped for what is ahead!!


    I found that when I move my hips toward the target my front hip will get sore (down to the socket sore). However, when I suef my hips back (like we’re supposed to) there is no pain and no soreness. It’s a new movement for most of us. Developing the good habit takes some time and is rewarded with a pain free swing and great shots.


    I had the same issue with left hip soreness and IT band syndrome around day 26. It was bad enough that I stopped training thinking I couldn’t do this. However, I really started to miss the training and decided to try it again. For some reason I haven’t had the problem again. I’m on day 35 now. The only modification I made was to do a modified stretching routine specific to really focus on the pirifomis muscles. That may have helped. I also may have improved strength in the glutes. I’m also taking my time and will repeat one day several times to build in more reps and strength.

    It would be great to hear from the tatatha staff on this!


    Hello Team Tathata! Thanks for all the great feedback and commentary on this thread, as it relates to pain / discomfort in the front hip, yes, it’s okay to have a sense of discomfort when training and after training as we wake up the front side of the body. That being said if we are in constant pain we should probably consult a medical professional! It should also be said that if we are in fact performing these movements correctly, and we are stretching regularly, overall pain and discomfort should go away if it does in fact exist. The beauty of this training is that it is the most functionally and anatomically safe way to build your golfing motion. Look for more information on injury prevention with the movements in your 60 day video library!

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