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    Hi. I’m on day 23 of the program. My compression and consistency are improved. However, my ball flight is a left pull. Any suggestions on what might be causing this?



    Good to hear about some of the improvements you have made, lets see if we can help get rid of your pull left.

    Usually when the ball is pulled it is a result of the path that the club is coming down on in the downswing and through impact. With a pull, the club most likely is coming down too “outside” and working too far to the left of the target through impact.

    To help this, pay specific attention to your surf to level and baseball throw movements. As you surf to level in these movements be sure that your knees, hips and shoulders are all finishing parallel to the target line. To help overcome the tendency you may be experiencing that causes you to hit a pull, I would even suggest doing this movement and finishing with your knees, hips and shoulders 5-10 degrees closed to the target line and facing a bit right of the target instead of being absolutely parallel to the target line.

    As you come to the finish of this movement, be sure too that your front knee, hip, shoulder and hand are all further from the ground than your back knee, hip, shoulder and hand. You will notice this will cause the angle of your arms, shoulders, hips and knees to be angled away from the target. To ensure that your compression and consistency remain strong, be sure that you are also surfing toward the target as you do this with the front knee finishing outside of the front foot with still a bit of flex in it.

    As you perform these downswing movements be sure that as you add speed you are still able to achieve these alignments and don’t have a tendency to finish with any part of your body “open” to the target line and aiming left of it.

    Let us know how this helps and if we can offer any other suggestions.

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