Loading the back pec, while squeezing the arms together and pressurizing the arm pits

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  • Loading the back pec, while squeezing the arms together and pressurizing the arm pits
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    I am having trouble with following all of the direction on the back swing. I want to reach back and load my back pec, but when I do, I notice I am no longer squeezing my arms/elbows together, and pressurizing my arm pits. When I go to squeeze my arms/elbows together and pressurize my arm pits, I find myself no longer able to properly reach back and open/load the back pec. I feel as though these two forces oppose each other physiologically…

    Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated!



    Evan – Great question. I’m adding myself to be notified when replies are posted.


    Same question.


    In earlier chapters, before the emphasis on pressurizing the backswing, I was finding that I had stopped “turning/rotating” and was instead “pulling/reaching back” while being both “centered” and “in the ground,” which was a very different feeling for me–it felt a lot more natural/athletic/powerful. I definitely understand the role of lifting ribs and pushing into my glutes/knees/shins in the backswing movement.

    With the introduction of pressure, I’m feeling a little confused about what a good backswing feels like. More specifically, I can’t seem to feel “centered” and “in the ground” while also feeling (1) my armpits pressing against my body, (2) both of my elbows pressing together, and (3) my right palm pushing outward and against my left thumb. When I try to move in a way that achieves these pressure point feelings, I seem to orient my body in ways that start to feel less centered/grounded. Are there any other ways to help students “feel” the correct top-of-backswing position? Maybe I’m overthinking things a bit too much here….


    I would just like to make an observation that Bryan and his helpers are extremely flexible so at times they make it look too easy ; p. Having taken the swing to the course a few times I realize it’s more important to stay connected than it is to try and stretch / over stretch the back swing. It takes a lot of flexibility and strength to bring the club that far back and still stay connected. I would like to share two things that helped me. 1. Make sure you push back with the pressure applied from the arms against the chest. Do not try to achieve the stretch by lifting with your hands. You will lose the pressure in your arm pits. 2. If you want to stretch further do it by loading more into the ground. You will be able to push further back without losing pressure.


    Good stuff, Clement. Thanks!


    Thanks Clement! Great advice.


    First of all, you can’t think and hit at the same time. Second, you might not be either flexible enough or athletic enough to achieve all that you are attempting right away. Third, you need to simplify. Write down three changes that you want to make on a piece of paper, or on your android note pad. Go to the driving range & buy a bucket of balls. Take practice swings without a ball and work on one thing at a time. For example, work on loading the back pec. Now, after you warm up and practice what you want to change, go hit a few golf balls. Do so without thinking. Notice the results. Now, if you want one more “pro tip” that is used in practice by everyone on the PGA & the LPGA, bring a driver’s head cover, a 2″-3″ sponge, and a tube of glue to the range. Glue the sponge into the driver’s head cover. On every practice swing you make, stuff that driver’s head cover under your armpit. Keep it there throughout the entire swing, i.e., that includes the backswing, impact, and follow through. As always set the driver’s head cover aside when you hit a ball. Think of nothing while you hit; just enjoy the fact that you are at the range, hitting balls, and talking with friends. Baby steps, my friend.

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