Low Spinning Pitch Shot

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  • Low Spinning Pitch Shot
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    Dear Tathata Team,

    many thanks for the program – really progressed my game. Can’t wait to start the tournament season.

    I’ve been messing around with the Tathata short Game principles but could not quite figure out yet how to produce the low spinning pitch that quickly bites after one or two hops. By applying the Tathata Short Game principles, my pitch shots get super high by using the bounce. When trying to lower the flight (like described in the trajectory section) i get a low flight low spinning pitch with lots of roll.

    Before Tathata, i could produce this shot with strong wrist actions.

    Do you, or any of the other Tathata Members do have any usefull advice on this one ?

    Thanks for your thoughts




    Nobody any thoughts on this ? Have many buckets of balls at the weekend but could not produce the desired shot on the practice green, also tried with my prov1s as a softer ball does work with my old technique but not with the tathata short game principles as far as I am doing them right – am I missing something or is this a shot not considered to be within the Tathata methodology ?


    Hi Florian,

    When we look at how to create a low spinning pitch shot we first look at how to create width and pressure in the pitching motion. A great place to look today is a Jason Day or a Steve Striker when it comes to the pitching motion. To review from chapter five, from a setup perspective we have a sense of being strong and balanced at setup. As you may recall there is a sense of “pre-surfing” the knees at setup. There is a distinction here however that “pre-surfing” the knees is different than leaning on our left side. We “pre-surf” from the feet, ankles, shins and knees to give our weight a sense of being on the left side but the key here is we are still level and balanced. Leaning on our left side while independently leaning our hands forward creates a steeper angle of decent.

    Now from this place of being setup correctly and balanced, you will feel the hands, arms, shoulders, pecs and ribs all move as one throughout the motion. They move together because they are pressurized to move as one to our endpoint. This pressure and width eliminates any independent movement. If you feel the hands or arms moving independently throughout your pitching motion just know that this is a sign of certain body parts (typically the hands and wrists) having different or independent pressure. With strength in the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, pecs and ribs they all move as one to your endpoint. You may find it beneficial to slightly grip down on the wedge for greater control. It is this feeling of width and pressure that creates stability of the wedge face through the hitting area. This stability of face allows for the ball to properly react to the grooves on the face because the face is stable through the strike. One way we train this at our golf schools is to tee up golf balls approximately a quarter to a half an inch above the ground. With width and pressure we learn how to pick the ball cleanly off of the tee with a level strike to begin understanding this movement. Practice teeing some golf balls up slightly and learning to pick them cleanly with a square or even slightly closed club face. Remember to surf the knees and move with strength and stability to the end point. There is also a slight pushing down through the pitching motion as you saw in the program. This wedge training will help build width and pressure so that you can be stable on all different surfaces and lies.


    Dear Tathata Team,

    many thanks for that one, leaning slightly forward but still beeing centered works absolutley fine !

    I also recognized, that varying the pressure will also affect spin of the ball from lot’s of pressure to lots of spin to less pressure on the body on a more soft rolling pitch.

    Thanks for your support, this one really progressed my game !

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