lower back posture at setup

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  • lower back posture at setup
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    I feel stronger and more engaged when my flutes are engaged along with slightly rounded or with slight pushing back in my lower back. When I don’t, on the downswing I am more likely to lose that in the ground feeling and my butt moves closer to the ball. What is correct feeling in lower back at setup?


    Hi Richard – The following video covers many aspects of pressure and may provide some insights: http://legacy.tathatagolf.com/video-library/student-q-creating-equal-pressure-body-ground/

    Hope this helps in some way.


    The video mentioned in the above reply; CREATING EQUAL PRESSURE IN THE BODY &INTO THE GROUND is helping me to understand why my back foot is lifting at the start of my backswing.

    Question: Where are these special videos located for repeated view?



    John – I’ll look around.


    For anyone looking, there is a search tool found at the following link: http://legacy.tathatagolf.com/new-forum-topic/

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