Me So Far Day 43

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  • Me So Far Day 43
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    Hi Guys

    So I’d like to share my training experience with your so far, I’ve just completed day 43 of the training program and I started the program back in about February this year, I found the early stages of the training quite easy and putting it into practice made lots of sense when in my front room watching Brian explain about body movement, what I found difficult at times was taking it to the course or the range without thoughts going through my head. In March I started shanking the ball with every iron in the bag and although I was working through the training day by day I just couldn’t get rid of them, this really got me down and to a low point with golf as I always,hit my irons reasonably well before but 3 months of shanking was not good, anyway I have been in regular contact with Alex on email and his support has been fantastic, he even sent me a couple of videos to help me over come the issue which have helped massively as I’m now shank free and this weekend hit 92 on Saturday and then 87 on Sunday, I’ve done day 43 today and the putting routine Brian explains is fantastic its really help me become a better putter already, I went straight to the putting green and wow the difference is amazing, I’m looking forward after some low points to what comes next with my game, all I will say is if you get down or struggle with parts of your game whilst training the guys at Tathata are right there for you if you just reach out.

    Happy training guys Pete 19 soon to be lower ? Handicapper.


    Hi Pete,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. We’re glad to hear Alex was able to work with you directly and get some things clarified as you continue through your training.

    We look forward to what’s ahead for you, keep us updated on your progress!

    Sensing Greatness…

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