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    This isn’t really a question but more of a comment regarding applying the mental training exercises to playing a round of golf. I enjoy the mental exercises and do try to use them when I go to the course to play. However, for me it is a work in progress. What I mean by that is that I may successfully incorporate thinking “out in front” and other aspects of the mental training however they may go away on any given hole due to a poor shot or a poor outcome. This is a process for me in that I can be hard on myself on the course and have expectations I want to meet. I realize these are thoughts and behavior’s that “stop time” and am working to overcome that. I guess my point is that I am trying to use these philosophies but need to continue to work on developing them so they become more integrated in my thinking etc. Each of us have different traits to overcome and some may take longer to achieve the more ultimate goal of thinking days or weeks ahead instead of one shot or hole ahead. What I am pleased with is that those moments when I “regress” I suppose and lose them I am able to collect myself and reapply them again. My last round featured several backslides if you will but each time I would re-gather myself and go back to applying these principals for as long as possible. Don’t know if this makes sense to anyone else but wanted to throw it out there.


    Greatness. Thank you for sharing Jeff!

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