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    Hi Bryan,
    My name is Bruce Weir, and I am a 23 year member of the PGA of America. I believe we know many people in common. I lived in Bellingham for many years. I went to college there and stayed there for 18 years after my college days ended. My first job in golf was at Lake Padden, when John Yacobellis (Yaco) was the Head Pro. Art Nightingale was also there. He taught Mike Dunaway, one of the original Long Drivers. Rick Acton was our putting guru. Kene Bensel took over at Lake Padden when Yaco left. Those are the guys I learned teaching from.
    Another very possible connection from the Seattle area is Jim VonLossow. I went to Ballard High School for a year with Jim. I noticed you carry what appears to be a hickory shafted club all the time. Jim is the leader of Northwest Hickory Players, and they play Hickory tournaments year round in Washington and Oregon. Just type Northwest Hickory Players as a web search, and it will go to their website.
    I am on Day 53 of the Tathata Program, and can’t wait to complete it and then continue the journey towards being Certified. The Program is fantastic, and I have let many fellow Pros in this area know about it. Maybe you can come up here sometime and do a seminar here. I can put you in touch with the Chapter or Section contacts if you are interested.


    Hi Bryan:

    Well, I completed the 60 day program! I started the program in December, in the middle of winter here in New England to give me something to do when I couldn’t play golf, but more importantly, to learn the body movements and concepts without ever hitting a golf ball.

    I have to say, this is the best golf instruction I have ever received. I have been playing for over 20 yrs (9 handicap),received many live golf lessons, subscribed to several on-line programs, and been a You-tube and magazine junkie, all of which has confused me. Tathata golf instruction has opened my eyes to body movements, and the mental side of golf which I really needed.

    I am quite anxious to play golf at the end of January in Florida as I try out these concepts. I realized there will be a learning curve, but I also am confident that I have a roadmap to my golf game as I head to my goal of a scratch golfer while enjoying this game even more.

    I have purchased four live lessons which I will submit in the spring when I have practiced the movements and look forward to your feedback.

    I thought you would appreciate the logo on my new golf balls. Sums up one of my biggest takeaways from the mental training. I look forward to completing the training at your golf site in the near future.

    All best to you and your great staff, especially Lauren who has responded to my questions in a very timely and cheerful manner!

    All best,



    I don’t believe you can see the pic but I ordered my new golf balls with the following logo that reads FEEL THE GREATNESS



    Dear Brian,
    I am a trained sceptic and somewhat cynical. 30 years of managing money for clients will do that for you. Learning to see through those who make commitments and promises, who might keep them, who will keep them, and who probably won’t keep them is part of the trade. How much of the future would you like me to deliver for you by when? I approached Tathata Golf with this kind of suspicion combined with having attended several golf schools, having digested several books over the years on the subject of golf, and a deep seeded sense of “you cannot learn to play golf from a book, in your living room, or in a few days on the range with a few hours of lessons thrown in”. A defined lack of athletic prowess combined with much of the foregoing had convinced me that after 40 years that golf really was not for me and that I was ready to fold it up for other interests. “At 74 – I probably don’t have that much more time to play anyway”.

    I had heard Brandel Chamblee talking about Tathata on the golf channel one night. I thought no more about it. Then, One day, walking through Fashion Square in Scottsdale during the winter months of 2015 I bump into two golfers promoting the program. I’m surprised that they are there and they are just as surprised that I know anything about what they’re are talking about. Always curious, I sign on to find out more. I get to about day 6 or 7 when an appendicitis attack stops me in my tracks for that winter but my curiosity with the approach to setup, centeredness, and surfing to level has captured my imagination – I don’t forget and I come back to the program in July of this year – sort of a last ditch stand before I move on to some other form of recreation. I have now completed day 60. I have heard things from much better players than I am like ( Gee you are solid, You do a lot of good things with that swing, Have you always been that good of sand player? ). Its’ been years since I’ve heard remarks like these. Tathata’s 60 Day Program has been the best 200 bucks I have ever spent on anything related to golf and maybe the best 200 hundred I’ve spent on anything in a long time. I no longer have any doubt that I will play for a good long time into the future. The game has become fun for me again. I will worry about what to do for recreation when for one reason or another I have to. For now my goals are to stay injury free, gain a much better understanding of your concepts of “out in front”, and build my golf around the fundamentals taught in this program. I no longer have any doubt that all of this is possible – 2 weeks ago shot a very solid 79 – This was no fluke and is the first time I have broken 80 in 5 years. I know exactly where the skills came from that allowed this kind of improvement in play. I’m not sure if there is anything to be said to the general golf crowd but I would defy anyone to find this quality of golf education anywhere at these most affordable of costs and In fact just about all of it can be accomplished in your living room. Clearly range and play time are required as a place to confirm.
    What are your objectives? If you are any age including, 50, 60, 70 and you want to be comfortable playing with anyone at your golf club this would be a wonderful place to start. Brian, I want to Thank you for the incredible amount of energy you and your group must have expended in putting this 60 day program together. You have probably added years to my golfing life, a life that I really believed was over but really did not want to end. Thank you.
    Ray Allan Scottsdale,AZ


    I notice at 15.07 minutes (ish) on day 53 you state that to hit a draw you “aim your body parallel right with where you want the ball to start and your face where you want The ball to finish. Correct me if im wrong but are you not citing the “old ball flight laws” here that have been debunked. If your face is aiming where you want The ball to start then the ball will start at the target and not right of it. Club face determines 85% of the initial direction.



    Greetings. I am Jim Bradburn, age 65, handicap 6.1 index, and I recently completed the 60 day program. I am scheduled for the two day graduate program later this week. I have a lot of positive things to say about the program. I am hitting the ball on the range better than I ever have. I am also hitting the ball one club further. I understand the movements although I am not always able to do them on the course. The exercises and movement routines have really helped my right knee (no ACL) and my back doesn’t hurt anymore after I play. Yesterday in a charity scramble I holed out on the first hole from 65 yards for an eagle, made great approach shots and some longer putts. Our team won with a score of 53, 19 under. So much fun. Then today I go out relaxed, confident, and ready to play, then shoot 84. It is very discouraging to me not to be able to take it to the course under any pressure. Honestly, I did do the mental training, but I didn’t feel completely committed to it. I truly do not really grasp seeing greatness ahead. It’s my brain and thinking too much that seems to be holding me back. Perhaps it is really the mental training that I need most of all. I just do not know. I’m hopeful that I can sort things out this coming weekend.


    G’day Brian
    Thank you for the last two months on what has been a wonderful learning experience and for planting the seed to grow my golfing knowledge to a point that now when I step up the ball I know anything is possible.
    Thanks also for the mental training which has given me the strength to try the “impossible” shot and yet accept the outcome with good grace if it doesn’t come off.
    I look forward to spending the future putting into practice the principles on which tathata golf is based.


    I hit the report button in error. Please reset.


    Shot shaping and ball flight laws are wrong. Many years out of date. Club face determines initial direction not body lines. This is a serious error in your program

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