Movement 2?

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  • Movement 2?
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    Is movement 2 in the hands and arm routine suppose to be the first move in our take away in our golf swing or is it just a drill for a feeling?

    Thanks for all feedback.



    I was wondering the same thing.


    It is absolutely not the first move in the golf swing. You’ve probably stumbled onto Movement 6 by now, which demonstrates proper takeaway. Best luck.


    Not sure movement 6 has anything to do with my question. David did you make your statement because of something you think or is it support from something in the training?


    Honestly, I wasn’t 100 percent sure that I understood your question so I made an assumption and went from there. Would you mind clarifying your question?


    Not sure how else to word it. Movement 2 in the hands and arm routine as explained in the ROUTINE ASSESSMENT & ENHANCEMENT in chapter 2 support.


    Marty – I read your question as, “Is movement 2 in the hands and arm routine suppose to be the first move in our take away in our golf swing?” To elaborate on my original reply, no, Movement 6 (hands and arms) demonstrates what the first move is in your takeaway. Does this help or have I misunderstood your question? If so, feel free to clarify or maybe someone else can take a crack.


    Dave- Thanks for the feedback, movement 6 is not the first move in the back swing. You have to move from address first. Movement 6 is a position in the back swing but it is not the first move. Again thanks for the help.



    Thanks Marty. It sounds like we may be using different terminology. I think of everything from address to the top as the backswing, in which case the beginning of the backswing would be the takeaway. I think of the downswing as everything from the top through the finish. I consider the first move of the downswing to be the arching of the feet to initiate the surf to level move.


    Marty, I believe you are correct, although the quads back and ribs up might be a fraction sooner. Watching golf this weekend, it seemed to me that Justin Rose moved the quads and ribs a fraction of a second sooner. Almost a trigger. I think if the three movements are done simultaneously, that would be a matter of preference. Movement 2 is huge for me because I was taught to move everything back together. Problem is I would be too flat on the backswing and come over the top. This early set of the club makes getting to the left arm punch seem not only correct but the the only position to be in as you build power in the backswing. Hope that helps.

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