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    I’m struggling with my swing at times, hit 4 shanks yesterday with shorter clubs on 100 yard par 3’s. I did hit many quality shots through the course of the round, but have significant mental scar tissue on two specific holes. I have always struggled with the “self validation” aspect of the training, looking for someone in the Mesa, AZ area to work with?


    Hi Jim,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m glad to hear of the great shots you had during your round and that you are here local in Arizona. Please check your email as we have addressed some of the questions/concerns you are having.

    Thank you Jim.


    I live in centeral New Jersey, are there any certified movement specialist in New Jersey.



    Great to hear you are interested in utilizing a Tathata Movement Specialist. We launched this program early February and currently have Movement Specialists going through their training to become certified. As they complete their training and become certified in the coming months, we expect to have Movement Specialists ready to support Tathata students by late summer/fall. I have noted your interest and have put you on a list to contact once we have a Movement Specialist available near central New Jersey or within the Northeast region.

    Thank you for being a part of the Tathata family. Please feel free to reach out to us in the meantime if you have any questions or need any support.


    Any movement specialist in the Dallas area



    Currently there are no Tathata Movement Specialists in the Dallas area. We will make sure to note to contact you once we do have a Movement Specialist available in the Dallas area. In the meantime we have additional training opportunities available including Online Live Video Chapter Follow-Ups and Swing Submittals. You may view these training opportunities here:

    Thank you Al, we will keep you updated on Movement Specialists available in and around the Dallas area.


    Any movement specialists in Houston yet?

    I didn’t hit balls until after completing the first 20 days. Started to hit balls again as I’m progressing through the pressure/impact chapter. I’m hitting some fades and slices. Wondering if it would be a good idea to see a specialist locally or submit a video follow-up.


    Hi Mohsin,

    There are two individuals going through the Movement Specialist Program in the Houston area, but both are not certified yet and still have a bit to go in their training. At anytime you may search your zip code on our website to see if there is a Movement Specialist in your area or near you. You may search for a Movement Specialist here:

    We do offer Online Training Support to your point and would definitely be a great option for you in the meantime while you wait for a Certified Movement Specialist in your area. We offer a live video chapter follow-up or you may submit your swing to us. Here is the link to view these options:

    Thank you Mohsin.


    Any movement specialists in Birmingham,Alabama or Panama City/Rosemary Beach,Florida areas?I would love to organize a series of group lessons if there is someone to lead.


    Hi Michael,

    There currently is not a Tathata Movement Specialist in these areas yet. We do offer online follow-ups and swing submittals to support any student who may not have a Movement Specialist in his/her area yet or is unable to travel to train with us here at our facility in Scottsdale, AZ. If you have any further questions regarding these training options, let us know!


    I started the movement specialist training and got delayed but back on track. I live in Birmingham. Once certified I would be interested in helping with a group and also love the Florida areas you mentioned. Let me know if you check this where you stand as to interest.

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