TELL TATHATA | What movement(s) or movement routine(s) helped you the most from this program?

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  • TELL TATHATA | What movement(s) or movement routine(s) helped you the most from this program?
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    The stretches and the full swing routine have been the most helpful for me.


    I have completed 55 days. For me, it is as though I am learning ONE movement. The individual movement exercises help me to “quickly” identify weakness or loss of strength in any given part of my swing.

    Today for the first time, I noticed a strong voice/sense when standing over the ball. “strength and certainty” was a mantra that I could actually hear loud and clear at address. It was subconscious and spontaneous – pretty amazing. Two weeks ago I would consciously tell myself to TRUST what I had learned to producing positive STRIKES.


    Thank you Jim and Scott for your comments.

    Jim, glad to hear you have enjoyed these parts of the program. From the feedback we have received, many other members would agree with you and say stretching has been very helpful.

    Scott, great to hear you are creating awareness in your body and seeing the areas that may be weaker than others. This is important to see where in the program you may choose to spend more time in. Love that you are already experiencing the training and energy you have put into the fundamentals and principles, becoming a part of your game without the need to think about them. Very cool and yes amazing!

    Thank you again for sharing and enjoy!


    Yesterday before playing my first real serious round since starting Tathata Training before Thanksgiving I did the Energy routine and the Full Swing routine and did the stretching earlier in the morning. Playing golf I said I am trained I can do this and look ahead. Hit some great feeling shots especially a Pitching Wedge 116 yards for a hole-in-one. That probably was the best feeling swing all day. I was very impressed with my short iron play. On that hole in years past it was a soft eight iron or hard nine iron. More distance now. It was hard to not stop time after the hole-in-one.

    Absolutely love Tathata, love the routines, love the mental training. It has made the game of golf more fun than it has ever been in 50 years. Terry

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