My big miss (es)

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  • My big miss (es)
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    I realize the answer to most if not all of these questions is likely “it depends”, but in my quest to develop a better game I would like to become better at self diagnosing.
    For the first time since the clinic I gave it a go on a Trackman golf simulator at Gregg Rogers in Bellevue. My “miss” was a push/push slice with the driver and a pull with the six iron, and a tendency to fat the ball (before Tathata my tendency was to thin, so at least I know I’ve changed). To be clear, I absolutely know I’m on the right path and I think if I go back and review the videos (parts of which I admittedly “skimmed” over) I will find the answer to any question. For example, toward the end of the session today I realized I that when I pressurized my upper arms properly (my right tricep against my right pec and my left tricep against my left lat on the downswing and tried to do the “upcock” move better) my shots went straight.

    Could my six iron pulls be rectified by opening my clubface a little more (with my irons) at address? Or was that likely a sign of residual early extension and not keeping my right thigh back enough on the downswing?
    My final unrelated question is, all else being equal, what is the most common miss if someone fails to “turn the thighs down” adequately? (I admit I wasn’t consciously doing that today)
    Sorry for the long email. I haven’t stopped thinking about golf since I got back from Scottsdale..

    Don Lee


    Great post …love to see more replies … I will review the pressure part again ..thanks for mentioning these items



    I sometimes see pulls at the range with my irons. When I video my swings what I think was a pull more times than not is an alignment issue. And I am finding it is not just feet aligned with the target, but more shoulders/upper body alignment with the target. Not sure where this comes from but my upper body can be more left of target than my legs and feet. Possibly ball position – more forward than I think I have it.

    On the course and at the range I spend a lot more time checking my alignment, including finding intermediate targets in front of the ball to verify my position. I am seeing more shots on target through this concentrated effort.

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