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  • My Experience so far….
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    I have posted similar elsewhere, but I wanted to put this on the public forum so that anyone considering Tathata can see some of what may be possible with this program.

    I am playing golf about 9 years and dropped from a 19 handicap to scratch in that time. Recently though I have been struggling with my game as my inherent swing faults were becoming too critical for the level I was trying to compete at. One of my main issues was a short and laid off backswing which would lead to me coming into the ball severely from the inside and needing a lot of critically timed hand action to have any hope of squaring the clubface. I have been trying to correct it for a long time now and have spent a lot on professional instruction in that time – nothing has sorted my issues and they have occasionally left me more confused than anything.

    If I am honest, I am quite shocked at Tathata. It is incredibly well put together and I have found nothing in it that has been less than thoroughly explained. The explanations within have finally helped me understand why I was getting nowhere fast with my prior lessons. There is a simple truth in the ideas and theories and concepts involved.

    Here are some stills from a couple of swings of mine. The top image is from last month (in the frost!), the bottom is from this week after Day 14 of the program. I am still astounded at how much more powerful and loaded my swing now looks. Not only are my flat backswing and inside path on the way to be completely eliminated, but Tathata has helped me get there with no mental clutter or conscious manipulation of my hands or arms. I have a long way to go yet with the program and I still have work to do, but I am very excited at where this may take me.

    If you are thinking of trying Tathata, I for one would feel it is money very well spent!


    It’s hard to tell conclusively because camera angles are slightly different but the one thing I see that is a good development is it appears you are getting your hands out in front better in the newer swing. Personally, I don’t mind a flatter and more laid off swing but you have to have your hands in front of you or it is stuck city. And like you said, then you are just trying to throw the club head at the ball to get it squared up in time.

    What impressed me in the first chapter was the focus on getting into the ground. To me this is one of the least understood concepts in modern teaching and Tathata really brings out how important ground forces are in powering the golf swing. Congrats on your progress and keep up the good work.


    I’ve been golfing for a over 30 years. In that time I’ve only managed to get from 17 down to 10 and back up to 12. That is despite being athletic (black belt 2nd dan in judo), very motivated and having a lot of lessons! I’ve always been very technical and have enjoyed learning the intricacies of the mechanics of the swing. I used to think my knowledge was a strength but Tathata, and the idea of not stopping time has taught me it’s a weakness. By day 9 I was already striking the ball significantly better but as I absorbed more of the technique I started to go backwards. Currently on day 29 I had a breakthrough today when I realised I’d started over focusing on Tathata technique and thus was stopping time in the swing. I cleared my mind, thought about where I wanted to be out ahead and immediately started flushing it? My advice is work hard on the drills in your living room but at the range or on the course only think out ahead, where you want to be at the very end of the swing, or even better, where you want the ball to be! Thank you Brian, the mental exercises have crept up on me and are really paying dividends. Steve Barker. UK.

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