my last round (day 14)

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  • my last round (day 14)
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    okay, so just to precede the story… i am a total newbie to golf and have been playing about once a week for the last 15 months. i try to practice (hitting a bucket, chipping, or putting) once a week or so. two young kids at home make it tough, but… i do what i can. i’ve been hovering around a 30 handicap for about a year, and shot a 97 back in october. since this, i’ve ballooned back up into the 110s, and have had all sorts of issues.
    i’m on day 14 and just shot a 100 for the first time in months. i’ve never looked at so many birdie putts in one round (4!). all of them were on par 4s. granted, i still had my blow up holes where i took an 8… but this is some incredible progress in the time that i’ve been at this fantastic 60-day course.
    i’ve pretty much been able to focus on two main pieces so far — getting back into my right glute on the take away and finishing in the superman pose. If i start thinking about surfing too much, i hit fat shots or nasty no-height hooks.
    i’m loving how simple this program has made the swing and how athleticism has been sewn into the swing. i’ve been through several pros and they’ve all tried to put my club head into that “harmonious” position, and at one point i was all arms… then all hips…then all feet… but never one, unified body. i cannot express how excited i am to continue my journey!


    Nice shooting Colin. The key to getting down to 90 is to think Bogey Golf – meaning your goal is bogey on each hole. Not too hard to do if you can pretty reliably keep the ball in play. Put yourself in a safe position off the tee and around the green. After that it is just consistency and bettering your short game so you can get your approaches and chips closer to the hole. Good work!



    Thank you for sharing you progress with us and the rest of the Tathata community! Congrats on your recent round and only on Day 14! It’s great to hear you have found what elements in the training work and make sense for you.

    The program is built in a way so the movements and fundamentals can build and become part of your swing as you progress to each day and chapter, so when we go to play it can be reactionary and athletic movement rather than cluttered with many swing/training thoughts.

    Great Colin! Enjoy the rest of your training.

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