Names of stretches or poses

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  • Names of stretches or poses
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    I wanted to take a list of the stretches or movements or poses in Stretch Routine A to my health club. Here’s what I came up with:

    1: drop down, wrap arms, lift up
    2: modified child’s pose
    3: cobra
    4: reverse bridge (camel pose)
    5: backbend
    6: forward fold
    7: kneel with leg forward, reach back
    8: runner’s pose
    9: ankle rolls
    10: splits with head almost on mat
    11: splits/Bridge (move left, then right)
    12: cobra with ankles turned in
    13: hands and knees (shift to left and right)
    14: downward dog/pigeon
    15: open book
    16: turn the pages
    17: hula hoops
    18: standing twists (hug)
    19: standing twists (arms in front)
    20: shift left and right
    21: superman


    Thanks Jim for sharing, this is great. We enjoy seeing your ambition and interest in the training.


    Another option that helped me is to save image of each movement from the stretch support video as a pdf file. Then print and you have a hard copy picture of each movement.


    A PDF of all the stretches with a short description provided as PDF would be very helpful. Especially given how ‘crucial’ this is.. sorry to say I need to reference it till I get the routine down.


    Thank you for being a part of Tathata Golf. We appreciate the feedback and are looking to provide the Stretching Movements in a PDF form within the Chapter Support materials sometime in the near future.


    What days do the stretching lessons start? Or should I already be doing them from day one? I’ve already done days 1-3 but no stretching yet.


    Hi Anthony,

    Great question. The stretching portion of the program begins on Day 5. To get an idea of what’s coming up in Chapter 1, you may view the lesson thumbnails and outlines on the lesson page below the lesson video within the second tab named “Chapter 1 – Days 1-10 Lessons.”

    Enjoy the stretching!


    Are the regressive stretches the same as the stretches in part 5 and 7 chapter 1? I am 66 and I can’t do some of those in parts 5 and 7 but can do the regressive ones.


    Hi Robert,

    The Stretching Movements Routine – Regressions does contain the original stretches found in the lessons themselves (performed by Lauren) along with the modified stretches of these movements (performed by Alex). I’m glad to hear you are enjoying this routine and finding it valuable.

    We have added this routine with the stretching movement regressions to each Chapter Support section so you may view and access the modified stretches when stretching comes up in the program. The Chapter Support section can be found on any day/lesson page if you scroll past the lesson video and click on the 3rd tab called Chapter Support. This routine is located within the video and PDF thumbnails on the left side.

    Thanks Robert, enjoy!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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