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    After a few rounds back in the 80’s,I shot 79 yesterday at the beach which was the first time that I had ever broken 80 at the beach.When I got home today,a used spider putter was there for me without the thick grip and the Tathata putting stroke just seemed to work for me with this club today.I shot a 2 under 33 on the front and didn’t make a bogey until 12.I was trying to use Tathata mental training and not stop time as thoughts of choking came on.I shot 42 overall on the back for a 4 over 75 which is 2 shots better than my best ever.Tathata training has brought back so much more joy into playing golf and I practice a fraction of what I used to.


    Thank you for sharing Michael! Congrats on your new personal best, that’s awesome. Great to hear you have enjoyed the mental training principles and have applied them to your game. We love hearing that we can have a small part in making the game more enjoyable for you! Thank you for the time you are putting into your training, sounds like it is coming together for you and we look forward to the moments ahead being even better.


    Michael – Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us. It is very encouraging!

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