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    Hi guys

    I am a new subscriber to tathata golf. From the adverts, it sounded very appealing to me. I just had keyhole hernia surgery done and not allowed to hold a golf club for 6 weeks. I went straight into day 1 as there were no introduction and programs of what my 60 days exercises were.

    I watched the whole video for day 1. I found it tough to find my way around the recap, the support, even where to be part of a discussion group. I am not allowed to do any exercise yet but the logic and concept looks good. At the end of the day, it is whether I have the determination and focus to see it through.
    I am active in so many things and have so many outlets and goals that I have not managed to achieved. My goals are to learn the guitar well, the electric organ, learn Thai, learn mandarin and tai chi.I have purchased many programs but have not managed to finish one.

    I hope you all can encourage me to finish this one. I started golf 20 years ago have been a 17 handicapper for 15 years. I change my swing thoughts every week and am also working on some aspects of golf every time. Just when I thought I found it, I change to improve even more.It is getting worse. I am age 60 years and would love to have a handicap of 14 at least.

    So this is my first time writing in a forum since I am just resting at home.
    Thank you and god bless


    Hi Edddie – I have a feeling that you’ll drop lower than a 14 handicap if you manage to stick with this program all the way through. My personal experience, however, is that it takes longer than one hour to go through many of the days to truly master the material. But it is well worth the investment. Just remember, it is a marathon, not a sprint. Good luck!!


    Thanks David for the encouragement.


    Hi Eddie – please stick with it? I am an ex professional golfer who became disabled 12 yrs ago and gave up the game until last summer. I came across Tathata training on you tube a few weeks back and started training this week. I know that it will make a big difference not only to my golf but also to so many areas of my life. keep us posted on your journey. Enjoy.


    Hi Eddie,

    Thank you for becoming a part of Team Tathata! We are excited that you are going through the program and have reached out to us. Thank you David for your response and sharing your excitement about the not only Tathata Golf, but the game and life itself.

    Eddie, Bryan Hepler the founder of Tathata has responded to you personally regarding your reach out and comments. To view this video please click on the link below:

    Student Q & A: Maneuvering through the Program

    Thank you Eddie, enjoy!


    Wow.I am impressed.A personal message of encouragement from Bryan. That’s certainly made me want to finish the pgm. Thank you very much.

    As I am unable to train for another 5 weeks, I will go through the theoretical aspects of tathata golf. Going through the 2nd day’s concept.

    Is there a mobility and movement expert based in U.K. under tathata tutelage?

    I am very technical so I am finding the tuition very useful.

    As David says, it’s going to be a marathon not a sprint. I will try my best to finish it.

    Thank you again


    Hi Eddie,

    We are smiling and glad that you enjoyed the response from Bryan.

    We do have a Certified Movement Specialist who resides at Kings Hill Golf Club in West Malling, Kent for 1 week a month. His name is Steven Bainbridge, I’ve included a link to his bio page on our website for you to contact if you choose to.

    Steven Bainbridge, Tathata Certified Movement Specialist

    Thank you Eddie.

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