Not seeing greatness yet but feel on the path.

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  • Not seeing greatness yet but feel on the path.
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    Interesting now that I’ve finished Chapter 2 that my scores have actually been getting worse for the 4 rounds I’ve played since I started. All rounds fall to the bottom of my last 20 rounds. But here’s the thing, I strongly believe that I’m on the right path – and most of my bad scoring has come from extremely poor putting and chipping (which I used to be quite strong at). I’ve found that I am definitely striking the ball better and seeing a nice improvement in my 6-9 irons and wedges. I still tend to blast by the “Surf to Level” and that causes some fat hits – but I’m getting there. I do hope though that I’ll start to see my scoring improve significantly by the time I get through Chapter 3. Cheers, Geoff.


    Hi Geoff,

    Thank you for sharing your progress and experience with the training through Chapter 2. Great to hear your ball striking has improved. Be open to the first three chapters already building the fundamentals of your short game as well. Chapter 3 is a “crucial” section of the training that brings Chapters 1 & 2 together, while providing many “A-HA” moments for students.

    I look forward to you going through Chapter 3 the pressure portion of the program. Pressure is a vital component to your short game motion, which you will hear more about in Chapter 5.

    Thank you for sharing, we are excited for you to train further!



    This is so exciting. I started 3 months ago shooting a 105. I would hit a lot of great shots and a lot of shanks. I started learning the Tathata way but kept it separate from my on course swing until day 14. (I tried earlier once and it was a complete disaster since at that point I had not learned where the arms where compared to the body.) Once I brought Tathata to the course, my irons increased by 30 yards each and my slice was almost eradicated. This in return really affected my driver in a negative way and I am still trying to find a consistent swing with it but I am very happy with the rest of my game. I am now completely shooting in the 80s with my best score an 82.Thank you so much for this program and can’t wait to see the last 10 shots disappear from my game.



    Hi Max,

    Wow, a 23 shot different in 3 months! This must feel incredible and be rewarding from all of the time and energy you have put into your training. It’s very interesting to hear that you kept your training separate from your current swing/game at the time and allowed the fundamentals to become a part of your swing naturally and as you moved further into the program when more is revealed.

    We are excited for you and happy for your success so far through the program. We look forward to you creating more outcomes in your game. Keep us updated on your progress either on the forum, by emailing us at [email protected] or Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

    Congrats on your incredible improvement!

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