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    For 35 years I have been a strong grip player with an in to out swing and kind of underneath.

    I am 100 percent committed to the thump down the shaft grip but I can’t seem to consistently square the club face at impact because of the weak feeling in my left hand.

    It’s hard to change your lifelong grip over night.

    The misses are high right and fade/slicing.

    What is my fix here?


    I need to add that with thumb down the shaft I love the feel of the back of left hand at punch and the top of back swing. Everything feel very “flat”. Only when I come into impact do I have the open feeling.


    I knew I would ask my original question too soon and this is what I love about the program.

    Just as I ask a question about something specific, my next lesson(day 24), addresses my exact question!

    I can’t even image how good of a ball striker I will be by the time I get to day 60.


    Hi Fred,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and thank you for following up as you moved from Day 23 to 24 where you found more revealed to squaring up the club face as you progress through the Pressure Chapter.

    Bryan, the founder of Tathata Golf has also filmed an additional response to help further support you with your question. To view his response, please click the link below:

    Student Q & A – Grip causing an inconsistent club face at impact?

    Thank you Fred, enjoy!


    I am blown away that you would take the time to create this personalized lesson for me. My main training move will now be “Raise the ribs, front arm punch, baseball throw with a FIST!!” If any golfer would do that move 100 times a day I’m sure that by the end of a week they would become a great ball striker.

    This program is the best golf instruction I have ever had. If I were to have had this training as a teenager without a doubt I would have been able to play college level golf.

    I play in a weekly league at my local nine hole course and I could not AFFORD (wink/wink) to transition my swing over a 60 day period so I rushed through much of the program as fast as possible learning a few new positions each day and immediately started implementing my new movements in my game. Our league handicaps are adjusted after each round and in just two weeks of Tathata training (speed chapters) my league handicapped went from a 2 to a 0 with rounds of -1 and -2. The program has already paid for itself!

    In 30 years of lessons and conversations on practice tees no one ever spoke to me about pressure. Your teaching of pushing the butt end of the club grip down through impact will change my golfing life. I feel that my club head speed and angle into ball contact are extremely consistent and my distance control is deadly.

    I have also been yelled at my whole life to keep the club in front of me but never really understood what it felt like. In just a few weeks you have made me feel the club head out in front of me. I feel like the club head is coming “over the top” but my hands are staying inside. This creates tremendous force into the ball.

    Everything about this program is AWESOME !! I love when I see one of my playing partners adjusting their grips at address. I immediate know that they don’t have 100% confidence in the upcoming shot.

    If you ever come to South Florida to host a local clinic sign me up.

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