Open face at impact

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  • Open face at impact
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    I’m on day 43. I must be executing some portion of the full swing incorrectly. Prior to Tathata, I typically would hit a draw. I had issues with consistent contact and early extension, etc… Now, I am hitting a fade/slice and occasionally, a really ugly heal shot that goes ugly left (only happens with a fairway wood). Any suggestions?



    Same problem here….


    Jim and Francois,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and your question. We may need to request some additional information to provide specific guidance to each of you. What has been the biggest change for you since working through the 60-day program? Is there a specific movement(s) you have learned within the training that is different than what you feel in your swing?

    A slice can be contributed to a couple of different factors; club head path and club face angle at impact. To improve your club head path, we would subscribe working on the movement accuracy of Body Movement 7: Snap to Level. Be sure to really dial in the finish position of this movement, here are a few key checkpoints.

    – Be sure your knees, hips and shoulders finish parallel to the target line (even 0-5 degrees closed to help with your slice)
    – Be sure your front knee, hip, shoulder and hand finish further away from the ground than your back knee, hip, shoulder and hand (the more angle here, the more the tendency will be to come from the inside while you swing)
    – Finish with your front knee closer to the target than your front foot with still a bit of bend

    Another movement I would check is Hand & Arm Movement 12: Club Through Impact. While training this movement, feel free to turn the club right side up so you are holding the grip of the club. As your finish and the club is parallel to the ground and target line, be sure that the leading edge of your club is perpendicular to the ground rather than facing straight up to the sky. You may have to be sure the top of your lead hand is rotated counter-clockwise enough to achieve this alignment. These would be great places to start as you work to straighten out your slice.

    Please let us know if this helped or if there is any other info you can provide for us to better support a solution to your slice.


    I had the same problem with my regular “pre Tathata” swing. Reason is i came into the ball from the inside with a lagging club head. If i compensated in time i would be ok but otherwise i end up with a bad slice.

    After I started to snap to level properly, the club would come over the top almost from the outside and get leveled off by the rotation of the body upwards and inwards to the left of the target. So my bad shots becomes a push fade that starts on the left and fades back to centre which is not a bad result. = ) the swing thought i had while coming down into impact was to remember to keep my arms close to my body.


    Jim and Francois – Did you complete the Tathata program? If so, have you been pleased with the results and were you able to address the issues that you mentioned in the above thread?

    Thanks so much!

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