opening the face with square stance

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  • opening the face with square stance
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    I’m a little confused with this. If I open the face for a flop shot and lower my hands while keeping a square stance won’t that just raise the toe of the club up? I can see that the club will be square to target line but it looks like toe is too high up reducing the effective hitting area. I’m wondering what I’m missing here.


    Anthony – At set up with your body square to the target line, is the leading edge also square or is it about 45 degrees open?


    the leading edge is open 45 degrees. I’ve since been able to hit balls this way and have found that it does work quite well although I still have to open my stance a little bit to hit my target line. It just feels strange after years of opening up my stance quite a bit to hit these shots.


    I was able to get out to the practice bunker yesterday. The toe does look up and strange but the setup and swing worked really well. I am till going to learn how hard to swing depending on how far I want it to go.


    I have read that when you lower the hands it changes the direction of where the loft is aiming. There are videos on YouTube with a rod attached to the club face that show this. So you can be pretty square with an open face and by lowering the hands you are aiming at the target.

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