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    On day 13 and I know Brian said not to think about swing path in this sense, but I have been using my optishot as a guide. Obviously if I am performing the movement correctly my swing path should be inside out, but no matter how much I push into the glutes and surf back I can not perform an inside out movement. Am I thinking about this the wrong way and I should ignore the fact that my swing path is outside in or do I need to go back and start the training from the beginning.



    I also have optishot and have used it only a few times since I started tathata. I’m on day 32 and have tried to just get the feel of this golf swing down. I too have found many more swings outside in than inside out. But, as I have practiced the take away, or drawing up and kept balance thru impact I get more straight swing paths and just a slightly closed club face. By the way, a 7 iron goes at least 10-15 yds farther when I hit it right


    Seems like when I do it “right” I occasionally get a straight swing path as well. Just finished day 14 and the deeper discussion. Seems like those movements should bring the club in naturally. I’m gonna keep grinding. I can definitely see the logic, it’s just tough translating it into an actual swing.


    Great question Nicholas and Ric. While you’re waiting on a reply from Team Tathata, I thought I’d venture a guess. One possible cause for this might be early hand/arm path. If you’re rolling the hands and bringing the club too much to the inside, then it could be very hard for the club to find its proper path back to impact. You might try setting a club off your back foot and then moving with a one-piece takeaway in a manner that brings your club right over the top of the one on the ground. Hopefully this is a good start.

    Let us know how it turns out. Good luck!


    I have a follow-on question to this – I am on day 13 and have felt quite good with the progress and my success at least on the range has been good. But, both on the range and when I am playing I am now finding that I am struggling mightily with the driver. Big pushes out to the right as well as some slicing which historically hasn’t really been an issue. I have had noticeable success with irons, f-way woods, etc and feel I am “getting” it but the driver is driving me crazy…is it just a lack of surfing or is something else maybe going on. I know its hard without video but things seem to be following a pattern with the guys above…

    Thanks for the thoughts!!!!


    Floyd – I’m about to hit the road for a meeting but thought I’d provide you with an initial opinion. At day 13, you have not yet been exposed to pressure, which comes next. Without seeing your swing, it is very difficult to know what might be causing the problem. If you want to address it quickly (before completing the pressure chapter) then I would recommend submitting a swing analysis video to Team Tathata. That would be the quickest, most certain way to prevent this issue from driving you crazy. You could also video your swing from down the line and face on and see if you can identify the problem based on your understanding of the swing. But they have instructional programs that slow down the swing to make it easier. That’s a big advantage when trying to identify and correct problems.

    Best luck!!!


    I wouldn’t get to concerned with what you feel are imperfections early in the program.

    I have almost completed the full 60 and each time I had a question or a “weird” feel during the program, the next day a new move was learned to add to the previous that answered my original concern.

    It really is amazing how every day builds on the previous day.

    This is the best golf training I have ever had !


    Hi Fred – What was your handicap going into the program and how are you playing now?



    I don’t have a USGA handicap so I can’t judge the program on that number alone but I have been a mid-high 70’s player the last few years. I can promise you that I am a much better ball striker now then before I started the program. My ball striking is much more solid and extremely consistent. After 35 years of playing, I finally feel what ball compression really feels like.

    I do however have a men’s league handicap at my local 9 hole course where I’m proud to say that I am the 2016 Club Champion ! Our league handicaps are adjusted after each round and I went from a 2 to a 0 in our league since Tathata training with recent rounds of -1, -1 and -2.

    If Tathata ever interviewed me for an infomercial they would have to edit me out because I would talk too long about how AWESOME this is.

    I posted this in another forum but here again I say: I am sure if I had this training as a teenage I would have played college level golf.


    Thanks David,

    I am anywhere from a 8 to an 11 and have always struggled with being across the line at the top. Have been a tennis instructor for 30 years and the hand/forearm positions in the serve (I have assumed) are the cause as it is opposite of the “drinks tray” position at the top for golf. As I redirect on the way down the shaft is very steep and tends to come from the outside. I really want to embrace the concept of not worrying about positions per se and trust that this will sort itself out as I go through the course but it is very hard to play with this wildness off the tee. But the main thrust of my question was why I would not be flaring any other club (including 5W and 3W) like I am the driver…hard to relax on the tee with all the water we have here in Singapore!!!


    Day 18 now and I’m starting to get closer to an inside out path. Put the driver in the bag for now though. Couldn’t it straight to save my life so I figured I’d master the 7 iron first.


    Floyd – The driver is usually longer and has less loft than any other club in the bag. These two factors make it the hardest club to square up at impact. Actually, loft doesn’t make it more difficult to square up but it will, by virtue of less backspin, reveal what’s happening at impact more than the 3w or 5w.


    Hi Nicholas,

    As you continue to train your body is building into new places in your golf swing. Over time and with training, your swing path will no longer be out of your control. You will find as you continue to build these movements into your body that you will create different outcomes based on the shape and trajectory you see out in front. Continue to train as a lot of this will come together as you build into Chapter 3 “pressure” and beyond.


    Through day 31. Still have no control of club head or swing path. Head is usually 10 to 28 degrees open or closed. No consistency either way and swing path is still almost alway outside in. Occasionally can get straight and rarely inside out and this is when I’m focusing on it. On the course I’m sure its even worse. What days of the program should I start over from? I clearly missed something, I continue to get worse and I don’t even know where to start. Watched the video on longer clubs and been working on that all day. Little to no improvement so far.


    Nicholas – Would you mind posting video of your swing down the line and face on? That’s really the only way to spot issues as opposed to guessing.

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