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    I just finished day 30. I have been diligent about doing all of the drills. Today I took video of my swing, and was coming over the top again. Contact is better, but I don’t know how I am back at this place again. Which part of the first 30 days should I be concentrating on to get rid of this terrible habit? I feel like once the pressure got added, I reverted to some of my old bad habits.


    Hi Michael! Thanks for reaching out and thanks for your dedication to your training. As it relates to “over the top,” this motion is actually is the strongest way to strike but only if we are moving the body correctly. We encourage you to dive back into chapter 1, days 1-10, and make sure we have the body setup correctly prior to movement. We will quote Jack Nicklaus here talking about where his focus is, 50% of his training is getting the energy right, 40% is getting the setup correct, and 10% is the golf swing. Focus on the body movements, train the body every day and allow the changes in the body to change the movements of the hands and arms. Don’t make it about golf or about what is right or wrong, make it about building strength and energy to support an athletic striking motion. Train the body movements with pressure and know that as you train these movements are being built into your swing.

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