Pain on the outer portion of the left leg

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  • Pain on the outer portion of the left leg
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    Left knee and ligament stress…lots of pain in the joint and all along the side of the left leg. I’m on day 44 and wondering if anyone is experiencing this–I’m thinking I’m doing something wrong, so I need some guidance.



    I would check and make sure you are not locking out your left knee. Need to maintain a flexed left leg all the way to finish. Also check that your weight is finishing into your left heel. Those are my thoughts.


    Thanks for reaching out Michael and thanks for your feedback Les! If you are having pain in the left knee beyond any usual training discomfort we would encourage you to consult a medical professional as their may be more going on in your knee than what meets the eye. As it relates to the training, it’s very possible you are missing some key elements because these movements are designed to take undue stress off the joints. It’s important to understand the function of the knee as well. The knee is a modified hinge joint, which permits flexion and extension as well as slight internal and external rotation and is not designed to functionally move outside of those parameters. That being said when we perform our downswing movements (surf the knees, snap to level etc) we want to make sure the left knee (RH player) is still flexed or slightly bent and is moving perpendicular to the angle of the front foot at setup but not moving independently. Because the front foot is slightly flared out, the left knee, left shin, left thigh should all move on the angle of that foot. To Les’s point above, make sure your left knee is not pushing forward as you snap to level or extending backward straightening the front leg destroying all strength and leverage. Over time the body should be in pain if we are snapping the knees incorrectly in the downswing. We would encourage you to perform the stretching routines throughout the week to help open up the body and to go back to chapter 1 to make sure that you are understanding how the knees function correctly in the golf swing. If you are interested in more personalized 1 on 1 training you can receive personal analysis of your movements through the additional training tab on our site. We hope this helps and thanks again for reaching out!


    Thank you, Les


    Thank you for your response. My left foot is open, but I’m thinking it needs to be flared out more. The front knee has been flexed throughout and I’ve been powering up to the finish…I’m thinking that it has to be the foot. I appreciate you taking the time to respond…will follow your advise and Les’s! take care!

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