TELL TATHATA | What part of the program has been your favorite so far as you near the halfway point?

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  • TELL TATHATA | What part of the program has been your favorite so far as you near the halfway point?
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    The pressure component is definitely my favorite thus far. As stated in the program this is the glue that holds everything together both literally and figuratively. I believe pressure is neglected in conventional golf instruction because of the mistaken association with tension. It is apparent that pressure can be applied without tension.


    The positive meditations are my favorite so far. They are a great way to wind down after 45 minutes of deep, interesting discussion on movements.


    Thank you David and Patrick for your great comments and feedback. The Pressure and Mental Training are incredible parts of the program. We are glad that you are enjoying them. Enjoy the rest of your training and thank you for being a part of Tathata Golf.


    The Pressure routine has been my favorite so far. I am enjoying the combination of body movements, pressure 2-10 and the meditations. I used to practice Karate when I was
    young and it was good to see Bryan bring those components to Golf. My game is improving and I am looking forward to the second half of the program.
    Tom Radigan


    Thank you for sharing Tom. Awesome to hear you are seeing improvement in your game already and the training is resonating with your background in Karate. Other Tathata students have shared these same thoughts with you and have provided great feedback of how the training reminds them of their motion in other sports/activities they currently do or were involved with in an earlier stage of their life.

    We look forward to you training the remaining days in the program as more is revealed to you along the way.


    As a 59 year old cardiologist, I’ve been an educator my entire adult life. I took up golf 25 years ago and in addition to lessons I’ve read at least one book per year on golf instruction. Many a time during a round of golf I have provided instruction to friends to improve their positions during a challenging round of golf telling them “I am a much better instructor than a player.” Now, having just completed chapter two, I am now in the positions I have aspired to for so many years, with stability, control, strength, and flexibility. I can’t thank you, Alex, and Lauren enough for this teaching, and look forward to the remainder of the program with anticipation of continued improvement, confidence and enjoyment. From one instructor to another, I can honestly say I have not previously experienced such an innovative, comprehensive learning experience – and I look forward to many years of much better and more enjoyable golf.


    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your history with the game, along with your thoughts and feedback so far with the program. It’s incredible to hear about your improvement and progress after only being through Chapter 2. We look forward to what’s ahead for you and your game.

    We are very honored to hear your comments as an educator yourself, as you may have noticed, we have an unwavering passion to help golfers everywhere get better and begin enjoying the game more.

    Thank you for being a part of Tathata Golf, please let us know if we can provide any additional support for you as you continue on with the training.


    I don’t know that I could pick just one part and say definitively that it is my favorite part. I think the key is in the comprehensive, soup to nuts, training effort and direction. In the past, getting a lesson to fix this, or reading an article that says do that, has had the effect of building a large house, one piece at a time, without the vision and goal that holds it all together. In my past I was a competitive shooter, and I recall someone helping me to build a solid stance for rifle shooting that started with the feet and worked all the way up. Your program does this in the same way and has lead me to encourage my fellow golfers to join in and open their minds and effort to a ground up approach to golf that will build not only a solid foundation, but develop the movements and techniques that ensure a quality, repeatable swing that can give them the consistency in their game that has been lacking. Through lesson 24 and looking forward to better golf ahead.

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