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    I’m at day twelve and totally committed to changing my swing and completing the program. I’ve played golf twice in the last two weeks and really struggled on the course. I’m considering not playing for several weeks until I’ve fully ingrained the new techniques.

    What are your recommendations for playing golf while going through the program?


    Hi John,

    Thank you for being a part of Team Tathata and for reaching out to us. This is a great question, which we have received before. I have included below a recent video response we filmed and sent to a Tathata student who asked this question. Please feel free to provide any feedback after watching the video or any additional questions you may have.

    To view this video, please click the link below.

    Student Q & A: Can I Play During the 60-Day Program?

    Thank you John, enjoy!


    I have been trying for over 50 years to get my divots to point towards the target somewhat instead of way left. I played a couple rounds last week and my divots all pointed towards the target, without trying. Even the bad shots had a straighter divot.

    I love this training!!!! I am seeing great improvement. I have completed day 31. The great thing is now I finally have a sense of what is supposed to happen with certain movements etc to swing a golf club. Been looking for this for 50 years.

    My question is what is a divot supposed to look like?



    I find it beneficial to play while doing the training, but I don’t really think about the technique (as Bryan said in the video).

    It gives me feedback though on what I’m doing well or if I’ve not mastered a certain drill, where I could do it better.

    I discovered a few times where I wasn’t doing the drills correctly or a bit off. I realised that from playing and seeing what was happening.

    I knew then I had to investigate further and see I was doing it right or not.

    So, in my opinion, it is important to play. But then maybe other people do the drills perfectly, and so then I reckon you could do the 60 days at home first.

    I’ve been using various systems in the last few years so I may have to undue patterns I have. I might have had preconceptions that I was still doing, thinking they were correct.

    I’m on track now through figuring a few of the new drills out, also with the help of Bryan, and I’m striking the ball better than I ever have.

    I’m also already a long hitter and this is making me longer, without sacrificing any accuracy. I’m only on day 14!


    Hi John,

    I found it beneficial to at least get to the range, if just only to take myself out of the comfort zone of the living room with Bryan and into the old environment. I do think that for me personally it will be too big of a shock to the system and not realistic to perfect Tathata for 60 days in a safe environment and then suddenly drop myself into the old environment and not expect to regress alot when suddenly faced with staying-out-in-front of all the factors that don’t show up in the living room; from things like people watching me tee off to suddenly having the scary ball there at my feet to not going back to mechanics after seeing (and others seeing) my ball shank way right or scoot left all along the ground.

    I guess I’m saying I actually prefer the situation you describe where things go wrong on the range/course because its gives you the real opportunity to perfect out-in-front in the real raw environment while having the pieces of the puzzle gradually fall into place all the while through repetitive training.

    I have confidence that at the end of 60 days I’ll be really truly ready and not just theoretically due to this.

    Thanks to Bryan and the Tathata team , Great Program!


    Hi Terry,

    What an incredible testimonial, we are genuinely smiling reading this. A sense of what is supposed to happen or a sense of where you are going with your golf game really does provoke a sense of child-like energy to the game.

    Thank you for the question about divots. The size and shape of the divot is going to change based on a number of factors. The divots will vary based on the shape of the shot you are choosing as well as the trajectory of shot you are choosing. The divot will also vary based on the size and position your golf ball is on various un-even lies you experience throughout each round. For the purpose of your question however for a stock 7 iron on a flat lie to a stock trajectory we are looking for a shallow “grass root” divot that is equal width and depth throughout while facing at or slightly left of the target.

    Thank you again for this question we look forward to hearing how the rest of your training progresses and hopefully meeting you in person at some point.



    I just finished day 20 of the course. Everything sounds great and correct. The problem that I have and I am sure others is this…. I am playing a couple of times a week as I live in South Texas where the weather is good all year long.If I try to incorporate any of the new thoughts or movements I get too tight trying to do those correctly but if I play without trying to incorporate those new thoughts or movements I have the same old game. I am doing all the movements and understand them and do them correctly along with the video but am I to believe (and hope) that they will just start to sinking and appear in my game by repetition along with the videos? I realize I am asking this only 1/3 of the way through but any thoughts or ideas on this ?


    I just finished Chapter 13 & I don’t think I’m ready to play on a course, but I feel the need for feedback; so, I go to the driving range. I hit some good shots and I hit some crappy shots. I think that is par for the course for 1/5 of the way through.


    I think you should be overjoyed that your club head is creating divots that point at your intended target. That’s the main thing because your divot gives you critical information on your golf swing. The feedback is good and it has never been good before because you had an outside in swing path which produced a pulled shot to the left of target. I suffer from the same problem and I hope after I finish this course that my divots also point at the target. Finally, I imagine that the shape of the divot depends on the softness of the turf, the angle of attack of your club head, and the path of your club head at impact.


    Hi Jim,

    Absolutely, you bring up a great question. The movements and training are designed to do exactly what you mentioned, they will “sink-in” or build into your golf swing as you continue to train. The more you build in the movements and train the movements the more they will show up in your golf swing.

    However in golf there is this idea that thinking about “how to” or where certain “positions” are is beneficial while you are standing over a golf ball. We absolutely do not want you standing over golf shots on the course thinking about how to create a movement or a position. When you are on the course you are being spontaneous and reactionary to “where you are going” with an expectation of the moments ahead being new and incredible.

    It is okay to practice while you are training through the program, it is also perfectly fine to play and expect great moments on the golf course. Leave the “mechanical thoughts” at home when you are training or building. When you go out to play know that your training is building and as you continue to train you can leave all “swing thoughts” behind and look out to where you are going with each golf shot and create incredible new outcomes.



    Thank you so much, this helps a lot.


    Hey fellas!

    I’m on day 13 and today was my first day out on the course. Before I get into that though, it sounds like many of you have loads of golf experience. I started playing golf about 3 months ago and found out about this program and decided, why not?

    I have had one lesson before and frequently watched youtube tutorial videos. I had a lot of problems with an open club face that would leave my drive in the woods and my 56 degree far left of the green.

    With that being said, today was the best I have ever played. I was able to keep score and I scored a 91! I not only got my first ever birdie but my second as well! Like others have mentioned my old habits would leak in there but I found myself striking the ball well and very few slices and fat shots.

    I’m so excited to finish this journey, Thanks Bryan!


    Hi Jeremy,

    We’re happy that you chose Tathata Golf and the 60-Day Training Program. Thank you for sharing your story of shooting your best round and with your first 2 birdies since starting to play.

    As you continue to train and go out to play, be open to the moments ahead being new. There is almost a sense of the moments ahead being better than they’ve ever been before.


    Hi, I went to the driving range on Sunday to have practice of the things I’ve learned, I’ve currently finished today day 19 of the program, I started with my stock 7 iron hitting it great the after a dozen balls began shanking it on every shot, must say this knocked my confidence quite a bit, I did finish hitting it ok again but wondered if there is any advice for next time I go on the range or even the course. Pete

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