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    Do you suggest just doing the videos and not practicing at the range during the first few chapters? I am in my offseason and I am on Day 9 now of the video series. I have occasionally gone to the range in between to see if the body movements have helped my swing.

    I know its early so its hard to tell if anything is different. At first, it seems like it is a little better, but the more I swing the worse it gets. My main question is, does hitting balls reinforce my bad habits and improper swings mechanics? Should I just focus on the movements and the videos for now and avoid the range for a little while?

    Thank you,



    Hi Ryan,

    This is an interesting point. There are a lot of different movements introduced in the first few days of the program and taking this to the course or range could be a little confusing. In my case I tend to sway the upper body in the backswing causing the reverse movement in the down swing. Concentrating on just moving the glutes back and lifting the ribs has kept me more centred and improved my strike consistency. Most of the other moves seem to fall into place without too much thought.




    Thank you Ryan for your question about whether you should continue to go to the range and course while going through the program. Mike thank you for your thoughts and comments as well.

    Click the link below to hear Bryan discuss this topic in a response to another student who had a similar question as you.

    Student Q & A: Can I play during the 60-Day Program?

    Let us know if you have any further questions after watching this response from Bryan.

    Thank you Ryan and Mike, enjoy.


    I have just returned from my first visit to the driving range since starting the course. I’m up to day 18 and was initially aiming to complete the course before heading to the range, but with a round coming up next week I felt that hitting some balls was necessary for confidence before stepping up to the 1st tee!

    After warming up and taking some practice swings I was amazed and thrilled that my first ball was struck cleanly, powerfully and went straight, and so was the next, and the next!

    I did hit the odd wayward shot but when I did I was able to instantly identify which part of the swing got away from me. It was so liberating to feel confident stepping up to each ball and trusting that my body knew what to do, freeing me from over analysing every movement.

    Thank you so much Bryan and Team Tathata, I can’t wait to complete the rest of the chapters!



    Thank you Milton for sharing. We are smiling with you and loving your words of “liberating” and “freeing.”

    Thank you for being open and brave to training and sensing greatness out in front. We look forward to what’s ahead for you.

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