practicing striking the ball

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  • practicing striking the ball
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    Finishing day 33. Does this program include instruction on the club striking the ball or is it all body, arms and hand training completed off the course?


    Hi Waters,

    Thank you for your question, you bring up a great point! Within the program we learn and validate how the body moves to strike a golf ball from the greatest players and athletes in the history of the game. As we build the hands and arms onto the body with strength we begin to see how the club moves together with the hands, arms, and body. In that sense the intricacies of impact tend to carry less weight than swinging with complete strength to the finish with a sense of where we are going. We have had many different personalities experience incredible results through the program. We have had real feel type players go through the program, without any driving range time, and simply train and play. There have been phenomenal testimonials from these types of players. Also we have seen analytical personalities that have taken notes and gone through each day multiple times to really dial in the fine details, utilizing the chapter support and body movement assessments along the way. They have experienced great results as well.

    Thank you.

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