Pressure at the top of the backswing

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  • Pressure at the top of the backswing
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    I’m loving the training so far.

    I’ve a question about the top of the backswing. Should we still feel pressure away from the body in a horizontal manner like at the left arm parallel or does it change to pushing up or straightening the left arm.

    It feels hard to keep the pressure if I just try to straighten the left arm or push the hands up at the top. I feel it better when I keep pushing away from the target like at half way back, all the way to the top.

    Is this correct?

    This may be answered in the next chapter on pressure. I haven’t gotten there yet. Thanks.


    Hi Brian,

    That is a very good question and I look forward to hearing what Bryan has to say. I believe you are correct that one should continue pushing away at the top of the backswing. I have my daughter, who is going through the program, push away from the beginning of the backswing all the way well past impact on the downswing. At around impact is when the back arm is allowed to straighten fully. You spoke a lot of the left (I assume front) arm. When you get to chapter 3 then you will learn about having pressure increasing equally in all parts of the body from beginning to end.

    I hope this helps in some small way as you wait on a reply from the experts.

    Happy New year!


    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for the question and David thank you for your comments. Please click the link below to hear Bryan speak about the loading and pressurizing of the hands and arms to the top of the swing.

    Student Q & A: Pressurizing the hands & arms to the top of the swing

    Thank you Brian and David for the care you are putting into your training. Enjoy.


    Bryan – Wow! I’m at day 26 and I had no knowledge that this is how the pressure in the arm was supposed to work. Of course, I’m trying to digest a lot so it isn’t difficult to imagine that I just failed to hear this. Thank you so much for answering student questions!!!


    Thank you Bryan!

    Really helpful as always.

    I was possibly overpressing away. That I find it best with pressure to sort of observe if I’m doing it in practise swings because when I try to do make it happen it feels forced and like I’m overdoing it. I tend to do it naturally anyway, so I just see if its there now at the right levels you outline.

    I may have only done it in certain areas before Tathata, but now I’m aware of all the areas from the training.

    I guess you just figure this stuff out as you go through the training. Your answers have been very helpful. Thanks.

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