Pressure in Tennis

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  • Pressure in Tennis
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    I just completed day 52 and am very excited about the progress I am making with Bryan’s approach. Using pressure in the golf swing from two to nine along with surfing to level has been a revelation for me in creating consistency and power. I have come a long way in improving my golf game. My tennis game, however, is still suffering. Would Brian advocate that a tennis player use pressure from a two to nine as we do in the golf swing? Would the arms stay connected to the body throughout the movement?

    Mike Hoepfner – Barrington, IL



    Glad to hear about your improvements on the golf course! Although our expertise does not fall in tennis motions, it seems like it would be advantageous to apply this same type pressure to the tennis swing as you would in other athletic motions. If the body loads properly, applying pressure could help the arms, body and racket to move as one through contact. You will notice you most likely already apply pressure when you hit a volley at the net and stabilize the racket for impact.

    We would be interested to hear about what you find/experience when applying pressure in your tennis strokes. Thank you, we look forward to any feedback you provide.

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