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    I’m at the 1/2 way point having finished day 29, and I’m playing worse than ever. I initially thought the program would work for me because after just 10 lessons I saw improvement. But as the lessons progressed, my swing got worse. I totally get the concept, which is what attracted me to the program in the first place, and the idea of pressure makes perfect sense. I have pretty good body awareness so I feel I’m doing the training movements correctly, and at the range can have success for the most part with irons, but it is not translating to the course in a consistent way and the longer the club, the worse it gets.

    The primary problem is hitting behind the ball, which I typically did not have a problem with before taking these lessons. Perhaps I’m losing the pressure in the downswing, or not surfing enough – either way, I’m beginning to think this technique takes more strength that I have. I’m 67, 117 lbs, very flexible, have good body awareness and good hand-eye coordination, but low muscle mass so maybe strength is the problem. I should probably add that the recent movement at the end of chapter 3 where you push down with hands and lift the club head just before impact did not make any sense to me – can’t see how to control that at the last minute before striking the ball. Maybe that’s where my problem lies and if so, then all the more reason to stop now because it’s not working for me.

    I’m really disappointed because I was hoping the “pressure” and talk about “safety” would really give me more distance and power. I’ve always had a pretty good swing and an especially strong short game. My short game is not affected but I’ve lost all confidence with my fairway woods and driver. Again, it was the concept that sold me – I was convinced by the sales pitch that it works for everyone, but now I think this is for stronger and/or younger people. But I am bummed – hoped I could gain more distance but maybe I’ve maxed out. I’m going to stop the lessons and try to recapture my old swing which was more consistent and was one I could get back to if temporarily lost…and maybe some of what I’ve learned – like the width and pressure – will work with and improve my old swing.


    Hi Cassi – Any chance you could post photos (use the “img” tool) or a video (post to YouTube and then add a link? That might help the user community assist you.

    While I’m not yet to day 29, two things a Tathata student might look at if hitting fat shots with certain clubs are 1) proper lifting of the ribs while coming into impact and/or 2) the action in the legs while surfing. With respect to the latter item, I seem to recall a “whisper” early in the program that the hands would need to be pushed downward as the front adds straightness as the legs have surfed the body into the impact zone, which begins to turn the body due to the transfer of energy toward the front heel.

    This question is of particular interest to me because, like you, I am seeking to understandd the details of this program as I work by way through it.


    Hi David – thanks for your reply. I’ll try to get a video made and post it online for viewing sometime this next week. I’ll also try your suggestions at the range to see if that makes a difference.

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