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  • Proper grip and Vs
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    Have just completed Day 11 where there is a lot of detail provided on the grip. Whilst I understand and accept all that has been said, it appears to me that Brian (and the others) have the V’s in both left and right hands quite tight (by V’s, I mean the gap between thumbs and index finger of each hands). I didn’t hear any discussion about the V’s, this just appeared to be how he placed his hands on the club when following all the other guidelines.

    In my case, when I set both hands on the club for strength, the V’s of BOTH hands are not tight. There is a much bigger gap between my thumbs and index fingers. Placing the left thumb down the top of the shaft seems to widen my left hand V, and wrapping my right palm onto the left thumb seems to widen my right hand V.

    So I’m now doubting whether I have followed and understood the lesson. 🙁



    That is a great question. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone ever bring that up. My v:s are, and always have been tight. I just grabbed my club to see what it feels like to have more room in the v. It has an interesting feel. I’m looking forward to a answer.


    I just noticed (in the self-assessment document within chapter support) that there are a couple of grip checklist items that I didn’t hear mentioned in the grip videos:

    1. make sure the thumbs and index fingers are touching (V’s are tight); and
    2. make sure the left thumb is right of grip centre and right thumb is left of grip centre

    So I guess that answers my question, and makes the Tathata grip more “traditional” than I had first thought after finishing Chapter 11. However I must admit that the position of most strength (at least for me) allows for more separation/gaps between the fingers.

    I know the golf club is small compared to other “hitting” tools, but I can’t imagine I would hold a sword, or hockey stick, with the V’s between my thumbs and index fingers so tight if I was looking for the most natural and powerful grip.


    Hi Warren and Norman,

    Thank you for the grip question. Yes it does appear you have answered this question in a sense for yourself. The chapter support is a great place to go for additional learning and validation! In terms of grip there will be slight variance based on hand size in relation to grip size. In a general sense we want the (for a right handed player) left thumb slightly right of center as you look down at the grip and the right hand thumb slightly left of center looking down. This is common place in the grips of the greats from a “palm to palm” perspective in the way Jack Nicklaus describes a neutral to slightly, what may seem, slightly in traditional golf terms “weak” grip. As you learn this sense of equal balance in both hands allows for the club to be centered and balanced to the arms and body for absolute strength and leverage.

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