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  • Proper grip position
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    I just finished Day 11. Do I understand that a correct grip has me positioning the club in the Lifelines of Both hands?

    Also, I had the opportunity to use the little I already know yesterday and am already seeing some improved flight & distance. I’ve gone from conventional golf to Natural Golf, back to conventional and now this program. Tahata is exceptional at explanations.

    One issue I can’t overcome is my inability to complete the intensive stretches. At 67 and in some disrepair I go as far as I can. I know it’s said to be a crucial part of the training so I hope I’m not missing out on too much.


    I just finished Day 41. I’m 70 years old and have arthritis in every joint. I have Both shoulders replaced.I’v had back, knee and foot operations. My body was very sore form the stretching routine and the pressurizing my body. My body has gotten used to it. I cannot do everything in the stretching routine just like they do it. I have to alter a couple of things. The way I see it is I’m building my swing. Will it be as powerful as a twenty year old? No. But I do the best I can with it and I can say that I am much much improved. the way I am gripping the club is a standard weak grip. That may be wrong but that is the way I understand it. I am right handed. I hold the grip at the base of the fingers in the left hand. The right hand is a little more on the pad of my hand.


    Thanks for the response, we’re sharing some issues. While I’ve always held the club as you describe, holding in the lifelines felt very strong and stable but I can tell moving the hands would be difficult.


    Laurence and Norman – With respect to stretching, I found the regression quite helpful. It can be found here:

    As for the grip, I recommend revisiting day 11 deeper discussion about grip. If you don’t have the ball flight that you’re looking for, I would focus on the swing instead of the grip. Yes, altering the grip might allow one to put a patch on a swing flaw, but the program is designed to move beyond quick fixes and allow us to swing with understanding and suchness so that we never have to question ourselves again.


    David thanks for the input. I googled palm lifeline just to make sure what we were talking about. The lifeline is the line that circles from around the back of the thumb to in between the thumb and pointing finger. I then went back to day eleven. I think it’s pretty clear that Bryan’s grip is not through the lifeline. The only movements that I can’t do in the regular stretching routine is the first move,squatting all the way down, and when you round your toes to come up to a forward bend. I mix in the regression for that.

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