Pull hooks and hitting fat


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  • Pull hooks and hitting fat
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    I’m up to day 22. My game has left me completely. Can’t stop pull hooking all shots. I was practicing the baseball throw to hopefully straighten out the pull hooks but too often it leads to chunks.

    Has anyone else suffered this way and have found a proper practice to alleviate the problem. Any suggestions?


    I have completed lesson 18. Though my handicap has dropped from 21 to 17, I am pulling a lot of shots left and chunking a number of shots per round. I cannot figure out the pulls unless I am just turning my hips too quickly. Anyone have any ideas?


    i’ll be lurking on this thread to see if/when the staff members reply…
    i’ve had this outcome more frequently than i would like. its especially interesting for me, because prior to the training, i played a fade. could it be that we are putting our front feet too far forward in relation to the back foot? club face is remaining closed through impact? maybe they’ll make us a video!


    I would like to see a video specifically addressing this-pull hooks. After reviewing all of the comments from many people it seems like this is something that occurs frequently when utilizing the program. Perhaps it has something to do with the combination of Surf to Level, Baseball throw and Busting up to finish. When I try to coordinate these 3 things I find it difficult to execute the baseball throw followed by busting up to finish because the baseball throw (right handed) tends to place more weight on my right foot and make busting up impossible (for me at least)


    I remember seeing a video about hitting it fat somewhere in the video Q&A section. That may only be available for those who have finished the program, not sure. I too remember struggling during Chapter 3.

    What I recall is that the baseball throw directs the force vector into the ground behind the right foot. Then it is the surf to level move the redirects that vector still into the ground but at the ball. The bust up to the finish moves that force vector behind the ball and towards the target.

    Important to keep in focus is the sequence of applying pressure. If you are pulling the ball, especially with a hooking action, or if you are hitting it fat those are related issues – early acceleration. Apply too much pressure too early and your arms and hands get away from the body and the club head will pass the hands and encourage a stall of the lower body in the hitting area. If the club passes the hands in the downswing, you’ll most likely hit it fat. Club passes the hands at the ball and you get a left-ward shot. Applying the pressures in the proper sequence is vitally important.

    I am finding that if I am smooth and somewhat gentle in transition and the downswing I have much better control of the club and my striking goes well. Get too quick at transition then all kinds of things go wrong – fat, thin, slices, hosel rockets, etc. If I find myself getting too quick early in the swing I do a drill where I go in near slow motion into the ball then full speed out of the strike. This helps me encourage an accelerating swing with a progressive building of pressures.


    Hello Team Tathata! It sounds like we are having some challenges with a few different misses on the range / golf course! First off, find safety in knowing many if not all of your questions can be answered once you complete the 60 day program and access your video library. We have an entire video library dedicated to student Q&A to help with your questions. As it relates to hitting the golf ball fat / pull hooks, we would encourage you to go back and review the snap to level / baseball throw movement sequence. Sometimes students forget about the left side of the body when building this movement (left shoulder, left rib cage, left arm, left leg for RH player). Next time you perform “snap to level,” at the finish position of the movement (RH player), take note of the left arm / left hand. Are you pushing the left hand down in front of the left thigh at the finish? Is the left arm tricep and upper back engaged and is the arm pressurized to the body? Watch what this action does to the right side of the body. Meaning when we support the proper pressure in the left side of the body, the right side levels out, or the shoulders are visually more parallel to the ground. Sometimes we forget the left side of the body when performing “Baseball throw / snap to level.” We have to make sure we are pushing the left hand / left fist down at the finish position of both the baseball throw and snap to level movements. When we load the left shoulder “down” this shallows out the strike, improves spin ratios, and increases distance. This will help get the club out of the ground if we are hitting it fat. Great work with your training Team, keep in mind many if not all of your questions can be found in the video library post 60 day graduation. If you feel you need more 1 on 1 support we have a variety of training offerings available for you within the “additional training” tab!


    I played 9 holes this afternoon and had that thought of engaging the left side as I went through the ball. I was killing it! Added about a club length to my shots over my swing last week. This got me into trouble a couple of times as I hit it through the fairway into some trouble plus hit it long over the green on a few holes. This little power addition is nice, plus I was hitting the ball a lot straighter. Going to keep this intention in my swing and work on it on the range.

    Thanks Tathata!

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