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    As you go through the putting routine in the presentation, I notice that there is a continuous flow from stepping in through walking after the ball. You have no looks at the line or the hole during this period. Do you advocate this during actual play? Please discuss.



    Thank you for your question. The couple of movements that relate to this total motion are intended to build the energy throughout the whole motion with the focus being on the ball in the hole and the step toward it. When playing on the course, although practice strokes might not be required, it would be advantageous to look at the hole as you get setup and aligned. Again, these movements are intended to introduce you to the flow and connectedness of the whole motion and how simple it could be. Great observation though and thank you for your question, it is our hope that others can learn from this as well.

    When playing on the course, the step to the hole after every stroke is not required on every putt either. We do want the mind and body preparing for this step so when the ball does go in you are already stepping toward it as an extension of your stroke.

    I hope this helps. Thank you for the time and energy you are putting into the training!


    What loft is recommended for the putter based on the Tathata Golf set up?



    The standard loft and lie should be fine with the Tathata motion. With a minimal amount of forward shaft lean and the body and ball position completely centered, the fundamentals support standard builds of putters these days. The type of greens you typically play on would have more of an influence than the Tathata motion on the setup of your putter. For faster, smoother greens we would recommend less loft as opposed to slower, bumpier greens where more loft would beneficial to get the ball up and on top of the ground. This is a good question that we haven’t done a ton of research on internally. We will provide updates as we dive further into this topic in the months ahead. For now though, it is safe to assume that most standard lofts on putters (3-4 degrees) should be useful, which helps support a vertical shaft at impact.

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