Question on the 1/2 swing load

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  • Question on the 1/2 swing load
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    I have completed day 12 which finished with the 1/2 swing load drill/movement. In listening and watching the demonstration of this drill it appears that the right arm is straight or relatively straight at this point in the swing. I am not very limber/flexible and have arms like a T Rex (LOL)-anyhow-when I do this drill my right elbow has some flex in it at this position. If I try I can get both arms straight but it feels unnatural (forced). Is this something I should continue to try to train my arms to do (straighten) or is a slight flex in the right arm elbow ok? Any insight is greatly appreciated. I want to do this drill correctly since it will obviously lead into the completed backswing.



    Jeff – My understanding is that the back arm (right for a right-handed player) will continue to have some flex in it. I wouldn’t focus too much on having either arm perfectly straight, especially to the point of lock out as this could affect power and strength. It is probably best to remain athletic.

    While we’re talking about arms, you might double check to make sure the front arm is parallel with the target line at this checkpoint. You wouldn’t want it pointed in any other direction than down the target line.

    Hope this helps


    David-Thank you for your response. For me, a slight flex in the right arm feels natural but I wanted to get some feedback and not force something unnatural in trying to straighten it more than what feels correct. I will also double check the left arm to ensure it is in line with the target.

    Thanks again,



    How much flex in the trail arm is too much? If I naturally make the 1/2 backswing there is a decent amount of bend in the trail arm. My first thought is that this was contributing to the result of most of my shots. A slight to significant fade/slice. I can straighten the trail arm during this routine, but should I be? Thanks!


    Robert – I’m by no means an expert but below are my dime-store thoughts.

    If you haven’t reached ch. 3 yet, know that it will add a lot of new details with respect to pressure and positions. I am thus far a believer in pressure and sense that it may add safety to the club face through impact. As for the back arm position, I wouldn’t worry too much about it if you’re in the first 2 chapters. I suspect that for most of us, surfing and proper hip movement are far larger problems. Video yourself down the line and see if your hips move toward the ball. If they do, then this is an area that may require many hours of focus.

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